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Tearing Hair and Eating Crow.

Posted Mar 10 2011 12:00am
Working moms in cities have less than half an hour of Me Time -a survey says. A 36 -hours day work mom who really wants to exercise laments that there is no respite in her lifestyle.The rush ,the commutes,the commitments all ensure that there is no time or energy to unwind,to nurture the self.Work-life balance becomes an oxymoron - a fuckin' joke as staying afloat is a task in itself.
Penelope Trunk talks about how the time you spend in the car commuting severely limits  the way you structure your family time. My issue is that you can put up with Stress.Get used to it. Like you do with an abusive relationship. But you pay the price and it takes toll.And sorry,if you have Lifestyle Stress, mostly its the stress that manages you rather than the other way round .
Because human beings aren't meant to run like computers, continuously, at high speeds, but that's what we're forced to do in a Metropolis.We're happier and more effective when we move more rhythmically between periods of work and rest; when they alternate between periods of intense focus and intermittent renewal.When we have time to relish and savour on intrinsically meaningful things.These things are our core needs and help us focus better.
When the basic acts of physical and emotional nurturance -nutrition,regular sleep,daytime renewal and exercise become uphill treks,all talk of making time for things that sustain you becomes sanctimonious humbug.We know we must make time for family,for wellness.Now go and find that Time. So I eat crow.All that crowing about Exercise and Real Foods as a way to beat Stress.Those are means yes.But they are a function of Time you can give to yourself.And there are only twenty four hours in a day. If life forces you to spend them commuting and gazing at red lights,your Me time gets a quiet burial.If all your minutes are indentured to the tyranny of the Metropolitan Life, Stress gets the upper hand.To find time you must get your Priorities ordered.And be willing to pay the price for whatever choices you make.And even as I say this I give a mental slap to myself.Because Choice is a luxury that is often at a premium for many of us. I mean what point is there in talking of eating sensibly if an average big city woman has no time to shop for fresh produce everyday,cook it,then remember to pack meals for herself and for the family.And then find time to rewind,recharge and rejuvenate herself after work before getting kids homeworks and dinners fixed? Something's gotta give.And I do not understand those who talk of the Kick Factor in the Big City.To me it sounds more like a getting kicked factor (from home to office and back ) with no respite. The thing is there are no easy answers.I would like to ask all those doughty women making a life and living in the big cities to tell me how they make it work.What and who takes the Hit of Stress ?How do they tackle it ?  Is it really all about learning time management skills ? Or it is about understanding that you can not fit thirty-six into twenty-four how so ever much you may juggle or multi-task .Or about stopping wanting so much more from life than just work ,sleep and eat ? 
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