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Team Drop It Like It's Hot!

Posted Dec 20 2009 11:31am
Team Drop It Like It's Hot!

Because we like to get crunk! Also because we are dropping pounds, dropping inches and dropping bad habits!


You can catch us at the top of the mountain in Sedona, Arizona.

Ywana in her words:


Favorite Foods and Drinks
fried chicken, sushi, seafood, champagne w/fresh strawberries and margaritas

Spending time with family and friends, reading, listening to good music and traveling

Celebrity I'd Love to Hang Out With
Idris Elba

Song that Best Describes Me
"Southern Girl" by Frankie Beverly & MAZE

The Issue: WEIGHT...plain and simple. I have always been curvy with a weight that ranged between 117-125 max. In 2002, I was diagnosed with PCOS, an endocrine disorder that causes obesity and insulin resistance. I'd never even heard of PCOS before then and am not exactly sure how long I'd had it when my doctor made the diagnosis. I had never had a problem with my weight, and attributed my packing on the pounds to the infamous freshman 15....gone wild. I've gained more than 100lbs as a result of the disorder, lack energy, and now have acne for the first time ever in my life.

The Challenge(s): Most women with PCOS opt for medication that controls insulin levels to treat it. However, because I just don't want to be dependent on any medication, I have opted to use exercise, diet and herbal supplements. I know that this is going to make the process a lot harder and the medicine would be an "easy way out," but I feel that I need to prove to myself that I can do this MY way. Also, I have a very hectic, stressful job (I'm a high school assistant principal), and have major family responsibilities, one of whch is caring for my 10 month old nephew/son, Cayden. Until now, I recognize that I've had waves of lost motivation because of weight. It's been an emotional roller coaster.

The Goals: My overall goal is to simply get moving and do something. I love my sofa but clearly, it does not love me. Going from being a single person with no major responsibilities to caring for a new baby is a blessing but also a challenge, especially as it relates to sleep and free time. However, I realize that in order to be the best mommy possible, I have got to be healthy. Also, I want to set positive wellness examples for Cayden. I envision him being a very active boy and envision myself doing all kinds of things with him, riding bikes, playing baseball, swimming, etc. I purchased a treadmill for my home because it will enable me to work out at anytime and accomodate his needs. Here are the four goals I am committed to:

1.) Drink lots of water.
2.) Cardio 4x per week for 30 minutes.
3.) Practice a diet regimen that consists primarily of lean meats, fresh fruits and lots of green, leafy vegetables.
4.) Keep a journal to account for everything I eat and all physical activity.

The Hope: I am excited about the new year. My mantra for 2010 is to be healthy and happy, inspired by a recent conversation with Morgan. I've not always done the best job of prioritizing my own happiness personally or professionally. So, I am taking steps to change that. Saying no when I just can't or don't want to do something. Getting more rest. Taking more trips. Getting rid of "stuff" so that I can live better and more freely. Disconnecting with people and relationships that are toxic and pointless. Mo's infinite wisdom helped me to see that nothing, absolutely NOTHING is worth my peace of mind and happiness. Anything that does not support "be healthy and happy," I simply won't do.

The idea to partner has already made a huge difference. Team Drop it Like its Hot is on FIRE! I know my Vanessa is checking for me and I for her. Last week, I even sent her pics of the fabulous salads I made and the fresh, beautiful fruit I purchased at the market. I sent her texts like, "I am drinking water right now. What are YOU doing?" I believe this experience is the making of a new level in our friendship.

My friend Nakita (our friendship that has lasted more than 22 years) is wonderful because she knows me better than anyone, holds me accountable and is not afraid to call me on my you know what. She lives by her own code, often totally stepping outside of her comfort zone, which has inspired me to do the same.

Sedona is going to be the hotness....literally lol. Like Melissa, I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl either, but I am willing to try. I would be lying if I didn't admit that at this point, I am most looking forward to the spa, but hopefully that will change. Also, to celebrate 7 months of be healthy and happy, I have also decided to treat myself to a 7-day vacation in Jamaica this summer at the Rock House hotel. If there's anyone who'd like to partake in the fun, holler at your Southern Girl.

Vanessa in her words:

Name Vanessa

Favorite Foods and Drinks
Ice Cream, Gumbo, Seafood, Chai Tea, Sparkling Water

Spending time with my husband, online shopping, reading, traveling and dancing in the mirror

Celebrity I'd Love to Hang Out With Oprah and Jake Gyllenhal!

Song that Best Describes Me
“I Take My Chances” by Mary Chapin Carpenter

The Issue:
I’m an emotional eater. I like to eat sweets as a way to manage stress. Nothing lifts my mood like a creamy root beer float or some peach cobbler and ice cream.

The Challenge(s):
Thankfully I really like to exercise and don’t have a hard time motivating myself to get moving. I love to run. I also love indoor cycling and kickboxing (real kickboxing with a heavy bag and gloves. Not kicking the air. I never understood that.) My biggest challenge is with diet. I will run 6 miles and then lay down in the bed and eat a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. I also live in Minnesota, one of the coldest places in the US. The winters are brutal and long and it makes working out or running outside nearly impossible (but not impossible - just back from a 3 mile run in the snow!) Going inside to the gym is not my favorite, but luckily it’s right next door to where I live.

The Goals:
I need to eat less sugar, more lean protein and drink a lot more water. I usually wake up, drink a cup of coffee and then exercise, but there are many days when I don’t eat anything until around noon. My goals will be focused on eating breakfast to jump start my metabolism, drinking at least 40 – 60 0z of water a day and not eating sweets during the week. I will continue to do 5-6 days a week of cardio, but also plan to incorporate at least 2 days of strength training into my routing.

The Hope:
My main focus with preparing for the hike is to support my teammate Ywana. I am excited about working with her to get fit! Ywana has a great spirit and is full of positive energy and knowing that she is counting on me is really motivating. We’ve decided to set weekly goals and communicate and encourage each other throughout the week. As for Sedona, I really need a mental health break and desperately need some girlfriend time. I am looking forward to just hanging, laughing and having fun with a great group of ladies.
This group of dedicated Black women are committed to getting healthier, one goal at a time! Our Health challenges women to set ambitious physical goals for a good cause - to inspire our girls, our families, our churches, our communities to get moving! We believe ordinary woman can, and should become the faces of healthy living! Join us! For more information, visit our website at
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