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Tax Time Again

Posted Mar 08 2013 9:25pm
Lo and behold it is tax time again for those of us who work. Some of us dread it, some of us thrive on it, and others are well...who knows. Where do I stand, well usually I do not mind, but since I work as a subcontractor now there is much more involved and doing it online they want to charge you quite a bit of money. I am currently in process of getting everything together, just need one final piece of information then I can start filling in the forms. Taxes don't stress me out much as long as I can offset the balance which only occurs when I am able to claim my son per my divorce decree and I only I pay my taxes come tax time not before tax time as if they were taken out like an employee's pay then I would not be able to survive financially. Now I do know some people get really stressed about it to the point where frustration enters in and then without realizing it their health begins to pay for it. In cases like this it might be better to  enlist the help of a family member, friend, or tax professional (if can afford) or do it online (if unable to do free option but can afford the basic option). 

Just remember to take your time, breathe and in no time you will have your taxes filed and then you really can breathe a sigh of relief. This year I can claim my son, so hopefully I will break even or maybe be able to get a bit of refund back which will in turn pay for the village I live in.

For myself, I will be glad when it is done and filed and can breathe easily instead of having labored breathing and constant worry.

So to you all, good luck with your taxes and remember it will soon be over.

P.S. Taxes are due April 15, 2013 just in case you needed a gentle, friendly reminder which I know you don't. :)

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