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Taste Testing Put to Rest!

Posted Oct 23 2009 12:00am
I have been posting more recipes and want to make sure you all are armed with the proper tools to avoid tasting the entire time your are cooking! That completely takes away from a healthy low-cal meal, right!? Keep in mind all the recipes I will ever post will always be figure friendly and of course healthy and free of chemicals and additives! I will discuss more on one ingredient foods and chemical free foods that have never and will never be packaged! I am so tired of packaged this and packaged that! We want to be thin but we also want our bodies to be healthy and that is not achieved through packaged snacks, bars and boxed foods!

Okay down to business! These are some quick tricks I use when cooking that keep me in-line! I understand that you will need to taste at least a couple of times to make sure everything is meshing as it should. Before I start cooking I will always guzzle a large glass of water in order to fill my tummy and help me to eat less once the meal is prepared. You typically need at least 20 minutes after having a large glass of water in order to not dilute your food's nutrients and to recognize how hungry you actually are. Once the cooking begins I pop a piece of gum in and get started. Some of you may not want to chew gum the entire time. Here are some other suggestions you can use.

-Bag of carrots
-Hot tea (preferably mint, to calm and soothe your stomach)
-Soda water with a lemon or lime wedge to sip on
-Celery or any super crunchy vegetable (think high-water content)

All of these suggestions are nearly calorie free and will keep you from going over the deep end in perfecting a recipe! And this also goes for the mommies out there that are always taste testing their kids food and eating leftovers off of their plates! Till my next post I am off to the grocery store to yet again pick up a new selection to try and of course share with all of you! TGIF!
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