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Tarkenton Still Scrambling in His Senior Years

Posted Jul 31 2010 3:50pm

Fran Tarkenton is still known as the elite scrambling quarterback.  If he didn't beat his opponent with his passing, he did it with his running.  Now in his senior years,

he he continues to scramble rather than retire.  He urges seniors to remain active, employed, productive and engaged in living life.

Before presenting Tarkenton's challenge to seniors, let me tell you about his career and his career after playing football.  When Fran Tarkenton retired from the NFL, he was number one and owned most of the passing records.  According to Pro Football Hall of Fame , Fran Tarkenton held these records:

  • 3,686 pass completions,
  • 47,003 passing yards, and
  • 342 touchdowns.

Fran Tarkenton also had 3,674 yards rushing.  Together his passing and rushing total is 50,677 yards or almost 29 miles.  

Since his retirement from pro football, he is scrambling as the CEO and Founder of Tarkenton Financial and GoSmallBiz.  On his website, I read Senior Moment--um .  He had a message for seniors and for those who will become seniors.

After pointing out that seniors are living longer, he challenged seniors and seniors to be: Change Your Thinking about Living in the Senior Years.

Using himself as example, he reported that he is better at the age of 68 than he was at 28.  Why is he better in his senior years?  His answer  "Because I am still engaged and productive. I work every single day. "

Fran's challenge: don't spend your senior years just playing.  Continue to be productive in your work and in your communities.  Not only will it be beneficial for each senior, but also for our economy and society.

Follow the scrambler.  "Be productive.  Add something to this economy. Add something to this nation. Add something to your community. Add something to your children’s lives, to your grandchildren’s lives."

Also from a mental fitness perspective, it is important to keep on scrambling in your senior years.  As you scramble, enjoy the experience and claim your benefits.

Remember, We Live within the Lives, Economy and Country Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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