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Taper Cheat and Banana Ginger Recovery Smoothie Recipe

Posted Oct 12 2011 2:39pm

I cheated BIG time. You know that whole taper thing that you’re supposed to do before a long distance race where you run less and give your body plenty of time to rest and prepare. Well I technically started mine this Monday but then I got antsy and decided to run 18 miles today. Taper-whoops!

Despite the fact that this impromptu long run goes against the whole taper concept I’m glad that I did it. I needed the extra little boost of confidence that an 18 miler brings and I wanted to do a better job of pacing than I did on last week’s 16 miler.

Everything went well with today’s run except the fact that I brought only 2 Clif Energy Gels along with me instead of my usual 3. By mile 14 my body had decided to divert any and all available glucose away from my brain so I was a wee bit loopy. Fortunately, I was with it enough to think up a perfect post run smoothie to start the refueling process as soon as I got home.

Behold my Banana Ginger Recovery Smoothie!

emergency recovery antioxidant electrolyte ginger banana smoothie 3

Okay clearly it’s not going to win any awards for beauty, particularly with my amazing loopy-brained photography skills, but man did it hit the spot. I kept it small and light because my stomach was a tad queasy and I wanted to have a full lunch once I felt up to it.

Banana Ginger Recovery Smoothie Recipe

I originally added the ginger to soothe my sensitive tummy but the added kick of flavor was delicious.

Alright time to attempt to be productive. I would love to hear from you…

Are you a taper lover or hater?

What’s your favorite recovery smoothie recipe?

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