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Taking Protein Before Bed? When & What Kind of Protein? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:44pm

When is the best time to take protein before bed? And what kind of protein should you take before you sleep?

Dear Fitness Nerd, Man Sleeping In Bed After Bedtime Protein Shake

How soon before bed should I drink protein? Right before, or a specific number of minutes before before I actually go to sleep? Thanks! — Bob

The issue here is less about the timing of when to take protein before bed, as it is what kind of protein to take before you go to sleep.

You should try to consume your last serving of protein as close to your bedtime as is comfortable for you. Whether that’s a protein shake before bed, or a whole food souce of protein before sleep is up to you.

Some people experience no problems eating and then immediately going to sleep, while other people find sleeping on a “full stomach” uncomfortable. If you find that taking a protein-heavy snack right before bed interferes with falling asleep, then give yourself at least 30-40 minutes between the snack and bedtime.



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