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Taking Care of Them Feets

Posted Mar 16 2010 12:40pm

So even though it has a lot to do with why I started the blog in the first place, I try not to bring up my feet & hand issues too too much. Nobody likes a whiner. However, it plays a huge role in this weekend’s half marathon. I never thought I’d be able to do something like that….but that’s a topic for another day, another post. ;)

I’ve had a couple questions about how I take care of my feet, so I figured I’d take a minute to share some answers:

Going for a run isn’t quite as simple as it once was. I’ve added a couple steps to my daily routine to try to keep my feet in as good of shape as possible.

I have soft gel pads in the front of my shoes, under the soles. Then I have metatarsal pads on top of the soles.

metatarsal pad gel pad

I have my shoes laced in a different fashion- straight across instead of zig-zagged, then looped tightly at the top- it keeps the pressure of my foot and moves it closer to my ankle.

loop laces straight laced

Depending how my feet feel on any given day determines the type of taping I sport.

light tape medium tape

foot tape arch tape

If I were a professional athlete, I should totally be sponsored by some athletic tape- maker. I go through rolls of this stuff like you wouldn’t believe.   athletic tape medical tape

Every run ends with ice. Most days end with ice too. My recovery socks are well worn in:)

recovery socks ice foot

My bedtime routine includes a lovely cocktail of Aspercreme, Bengay, and ice. Such a lovely aroma that creates. (ha) Ironically, I’ve been able to get away with using less and less as I’ve continued to run!

pain cream

So that’s incredibly boring but now you know what’s going on in those shoes ;)

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of your own feet- common causes of foot pain later in life are shoes with really high heels and tight, pointy toe boxes. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your cute shoe collection (trust me, I wouldn’t tell anybody to do that!) but think about how often you give your feet a break. Small changes like wearing flats to work and changing when you get there, or not wearing them everyday can help. So can choosing shoes with wider toe boxes and not so super high heels. If your feet hurt- listen to them! Roll your arches over a tennis ball and treat yourself to a free massage ;)

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