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Taking A Week Off

Posted Feb 13 2013 1:07pm

A couple weeks ago I tweaked my knee. From running 11 miles  in crap shoes, to attending too many spin classes and getting the B.A.C. (badass chills..this is when you know you are going HARD!) I of course didn’t listen to this nagging irritation in my knee, and I continued to workout on it. I took it easy in spin, but I didn’t take it easy with running.

20130213-091155 I actually had the best run of the year this past Sunday. A 12 miler around my favorite lake.

20130213-092053 20130213-091202 Aaannndd then shit hit the fan. The second I hit stop on my watch I felt my knee yelling at me. Ugh..WHY! It was swollen to the point I couldn’t make out my patella anymore. I’m 99.9999% sure I have a slight case of runners knee. I’ve had it once before, and without the $20 copay and some cold hands rubbing all over my knee, I’ll do my own self diagnosis.

Here’s the dilemma: I have a half marathon this Sunday. *&#*#&$@@!!! I am not a natural runner, half marathons take training for me. I have been training for two months for this race, and I am so excited. I am staying optimistic that I will still be able to run this race (even if my pace is 15:00min/mile!) I’ve been R.I.C.E-ing like it’s my job, and I am not doing ANY physical activity this week. No running, no spinning, no WALKING! Nothing. I’m skipping three days of scheduled running in HOPES that I can still participate this weekend.

It was clearly my turn to get spanked with the injury stick, but boy is this rough. I never understood how hard it was to sit back and do..nothing. It’s only been THREE days, and I am going stir crazy without movement. For all my friends out there that have serious injuries and are sidelined for have my sympathy and support! I’ve naturally been drowning my sorrows with cupcakes, and I made these on Sunday night. I of course veganized the recipe and they turned out pretty good, not enough mocha flavor though.

My pictures were not pretty, so I am using theirs.

My pictures were not pretty, so I am using theirs.

Tomorrow is Valentines day, and then the day after that is my birthday. I would loveee to run a half marathon for my birthday…just sayin. Happy day of love to you all.


My favorite accessory.

My favorite accessory.

Q: Any tips/suggestions/comment/ideas/stories about knees, or about cats that anyone can help me withhh!!?


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