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Take a moment for yourself

Posted Apr 23 2011 12:00am

As I sit here and type this message, I look to my left and there sits my cell phone. My computer is on my desk, two feet from my bed. I find myself checking my e-mail, Facebook and other media sites frequently throughout the day. My cell phone has become another appendage on my body and this is something that I want to change.

There were over 30 picture from this night, and almost all of them I am carrying my phone (sweet raptor claw grip I’ve got on that phone huh?). Granted, I don’t carry a purse and that could be why it is in my hand, but I could have easily left it in the car because I never once used it! (sorry for the awkward cousin photo..she had too much red bull.)

We eat well, get regular exercise and preach about living a good pure life, but where does the obsession with technology come into play? Why do we become so reliant on being in contact with everyone else, yet forget to take time to focus on ourselves? I will speak for myself when I say I have become entirely too dependent on technology to the point where I feel like I am missing out on what is important in life. When I go outside, I am not paying attention to the beauty of nature, I am checking my cell phone every minute to see if I have gotten a text message. I am in my room on my computer when I should be spending time with my family. Life is too short to be wrapped up in the unimportant things.

After I put my phone down, I got up and did my thang. If anyone want’s Thizz Face lessons let me know, I taught E-40 how it’s done.

With this said, I am not conveying technology to be a bad thing. I think it’s wonderful, extremely resourceful, and beneficial. I don’t however think that most people have a healthy balance between obsession and reality.

I challenge myself to take an entire day and leave all technology behind. Cell phone off, computer off, TV off. I will take this day to go out and explore. The sun has come back out in the wonderful state of Washington (yes the rumors are true, it does rain here and there all the time) and this is the best time of year to indulge in the beauty around me. This will allow me to connect with myself, sit back, and breathe.

Don’t let the little things in life pass you by. Set the phone down, and communicate with those directly around you. Eliminating my obsession with my phone will help me on the road to livin’ la vida pura!

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