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Take A Chance

Posted Jan 29 2013 2:57pm

Yesterday an email popped into my inbox that was rather unexpected.  I can’t go into details at the moment (omg annoying cryptic post!), but let’s just say depending on the outcome of the follow-up email I sent, things could be dramatically changing for me.

At first, I panicked a bit.  I thought, no no no, I’m already set in things the way they are, let’s not change anything.  Besides, I have a pretty good life.  I touched base with a couple people and they seemed to all have the cautious “weigh it out and if it doesn’t make sense don’t do it” opinion.  Then, I talked to my older sister.  And she said go for it.  So I did.  I spent the last 24 hours pondering my response, wrote it up a few times (I’m a fan of editing your thoughts a bit before shooting off an email, and generally hate the first pass at a reply I give in such situations), and finally hit send.  Depending on the outcome, I’ll be posting sooner or later about it.  For now you will all have to dwell in the dark, mwahahaha!

What it has me thinking about is comfort level vs. big life changes.  I’d say right now I’m probably 90% comfortable with my life and lifestyle.  I hit 30 in less than two months, should I really be upending everything at this stage?  Then, I think about what I have to lose.  A house?  No, I rent and my neighbors drive me nuts (will this always be a common theme?!).  Money?  Well, money can be made one way or another, and there’s always taking on extra work to make up differences.  Friends? Yes, some will be lost.  But, a big change filters out the ones you probably didn’t need anyway.  Cats?  NEVER.  Cat lady 4 life!  ;)

The point is, being single, nearly 30, and on the cusp of a new decade has me hankering for some shifts in the way I’ve been operating around these here parts.  I don’t want to be too comfortable with my life no matter where or what it entails.  I think this will be a fun experiment to see how I navigate it, and even if it doesn’t work out I will not have the “if only I had tried” thought lingering in the years ago.  I don’t ever want to look at a situation like this and think, “what if I had?”

In other news, I’m ending my multi-month hiatus from the gym in a matter of two hours.  GROAAAAAAN.  I really don’t want to go.

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