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Tackling Disorganization

Posted Jan 05 2011 9:49am

As I’ve previously mentioned, if I had I had to boil all of my “issues”  into one major character flaw, it would be disorganization.  When I think about just about everything I would like to change or improve about myself, I can find at least one way that being more organized would help me with the process.

For example, I would probably eat better if I were better at making a grocery list and keeping the foods I like in the house.  Speaking of grocery lists, if I were more organized, I probably would spend less money, too (does anyone else have 12 bottles of salad dressing?).

I would probably also make more money as well, as it takes a good bit of organization to be an effective writer!

It’s not that I don’t have an abundance of resources.  I subscribe to newsletters, emails, RSS Feeds, and magazines all in hopes of learning new tricks that will streamline my life.  (By the way, some of my favorites are  Martha Stewart Organizing Tip of the DayThe Clutter Diet Blog , and  Unclutterer )  However, I am on information overload so when I want to find a particular piece of advice, it is bogged down among 700 emails or 1000 RSS feeds!

I think the best way to get organized, as with most self-improvement projects is to create a plan with steps and goals.  But honestly, my disorganized state and ADHD makes it difficult for me to maintain these items.  I have had countless numbers of pretty notebooks and journals, various price levels of calendars and planning systems, and even online tools such as Google Calendar and  Remember the Milk .

My first step really must be to REDUCE REDUCE REDUCE!  I am so cluttered in my life that I cannot find what I need (in fact, my husband asked for a recent picture of my 4-year-old daughter to take to work and I couldn’t find them, despite the fact that I just purchased them a week ago.)  My plan is to tackle one entire room at a time, but just one.  I figure that I have about 10 rooms in my house, so I could conceivably take three days with each and be somewhat organized within a month.

OK, so let’s start there.  Most of the organizing shows say to set up three bins when decluttering – one to keep, one to donate, and one to trash.  Make quick decisions, because if you have to think about it, you probably haven’t used the item in so long that you aren’t likely to need it again in the future.  My tip – start on the smallest room first, and build on the accomplishment.  Although some people say to tackle the toughest first when enthusiasm is high, I just know me – I need some quick feedback (rewards) in order to stay motivated.

Which room will I start in first?

We are closer to the ants than to butterflies.  Very few people can endure much leisure.  ~Gerald Brenan

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