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Tabata workout #332

Posted Aug 18 2014 8:09pm

I decided to do a workout outside with the boys today, and I took it to our land. Normally I put the boys in the bike stroller and ride over there (about 1.5 miles away), but today I did things a little different.


My little G man rode his bike, training wheels and all, 1.3 miles. He almost made it the whole way, then got pretty tired. What a stud! I felt pretty lame, driving our truck beside him rather than riding my bike beside him. But aside from knowing he would be too tired to make it all the way back afterward, I also had something I had to haul for my other little man…


Lets just say they both had a blast out there while I was working out. Speaking of, here is my workout for today (20:10 intervals):


I started with 5 loops on my 1/5 mile trail loop for my 1 mile warm up. Then I hit the timer for my tabata workout. Here is a video for ya, I did a demo of all the exercises, 4 reps each, without the rest in between. Be sure to set your timer at 20:10 second intervals (work:rest), and stop it while you do your run – which doesn’t have to be 1/5 mile, that was just easy math for me!

There you have it! If you have any questions, let me know.

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