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Symptoms of Strep Throat

Posted Dec 09 2010 6:37am

Strep throat is a bacterial infection wherein irritation and inflammation develops in the throat leading to abrupt, intense soreness in the tonsil & throat areas.

Though definition-wise step throat arises due to the offender Streptococcus pyogenes bacterial form, there are other intruders like Haemophilus influenzae, stap neisseria which could sporadically assault the throat causing analogous signs & symptoms.

Being stressed out, overworked, exhausted & tackling viral infection could compromise the immune system & trigger assaults of strep throat. Analogous to several types of throat infections, strep throat additionally has the tendency of occurring in the wintry climatic conditions.

Individuals generally contract strep throat due to compromised immune systems. Since strep is communicable hence therapy is important as such bacterial forms could be transmitted to those around when the infection-ridden person coughs or sneezes.

Though several individuals would quickly deem that any pain-causing soreness in the throat is strep throat, however sore throat cases generally arise due to viral infection rather than the strep bacterial form. Throat soreness arising due to viral form could be analogously pain-causing alike strep throat. However, in case one is experiencing cold signs & symptoms like dribbling or stuffiness in nose, coughs or sneezes then one perhaps doesn’t have strep throat.

Symptoms of Strep Throat – What you need to know

The highly prevalent symptoms of Strep Throat include:

    Soreness in throat which abruptly arises. Difficulties when one swallows. Headache. Fever, at times above 102 degree Fahrenheit’ A tender, reddish look at the rear end of the throat. Whitish or yellowish pus or spots on the tonsil areas or the rear side of a deep reddish throat. Sore, high lymph nodes palpable in the neck area. Rashes. No stuffiness in nose, coughing or some URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) symptoms.

Belly aches could even be experienced. Lesser pervasive symptoms of Strep Throat include skin rashes, puking, lost appetite & body ache.

As strep throat could easily be spread from individual to individual hence when an infected individual inhales or exhales, starts coughing or sneezing, miniscule drops carrying the strep bacterial form would be released into the air which then gets inhaled by those around. In case a person does have exposure to strep, it would be taking two to five days prior to him/her becoming symptomatic.

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