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Switzerland in pictures – catching up post 2

Posted Oct 18 2009 12:00am

Ok, here we go again.  Only now, I am writing to you from Wiler – a tiny municiplity in the Lötschental Valley.  S’s family has a little house there.  We came up last night for a dinner get-together with a bunch of S’s extended family.  There is no internet connection here (if you saw this place, you would understand…) so I am using one of those “anywhere connect” sort of things that you plug into your USB port.  First time I have used one of those, they are pretty cool!  But first things first.

On Thursday, I spent the whole day out with S’s dad.  We left really early in the morning, dropping S off at the Fribourg train station at 7:30am so that he could catch the train to Geneva for his exam, and dropping his sister off at school.  Then we began our sightseeing.

We started driving south on the highway.  Here is a map of the points that we visited , pretty cool.  First we stopped at a little lookover point on the way to Bulle and Gruyere.  There I had some fun getting my picture taken as a typical Swiss maiden.  I’m afraid I was missing my man, though.

me Swiss maiden

It was still very early and absolutely freezing cold.  It was quite foggy as well, but I could tell just from the view at the rest stop that it was going to be a good day.

rest stop morning fog

We got back into the car and drove on to Bulle .  We got to the town a little after 8, and everything was still closed and people just waking up.

me in Bulle

It was very quiet and peaceful.  Oh, and did I mention COLD?!?!?!


To warm up after a tour of the castle, we went into a little coffee shop that had finally opened.  It was an adorable place that used to be a cow barn.

bulle coffee shop

It even had the old cow milking stools and other antiques hanging from the ceiling.

bulle coffee shop 2

I was so cold, I looked like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I couldn’t wait for my coffee!

bulle coffee shop 3

Being used to my huge Starbucks coffees, these Swiss coffees are teeny weeny.  I polish them off in practically one gulp.  But it’s so cold that it always feels like the best gulp of my life :)

Next we headed to Gruyeres , where they make the famous Gruyere cheese!  We went into the factory where they make the cheese.  I was in heaven……

Gruyere cheese

They gave us these cool little phone thingies that we could take through with us on our tour through the factory.  It told us the story of the cheese, how it was made, and the whole process it went through from beginning to end.  I got mine specially programmed in English, so I actually knew what was going on!

me Gruyere cheese factory

After eating cheese and leaving Gruyere, we continued south and east.  We drove through some beautiful small villages and scenic views:



By now the sun was out and shining brightly.  The fog had cleared up and the sky was blue and beautiful.


Our next stop was in a ritzy ski town called Gstaad .  S’s dad described it as the “Park Avenue” of Switzerland towns.  We parked and I did a quick photo op with the car.


Then I showed my love for Switzerland public transportation.


Then we headed into the town for lunch and a walk.  The town was very cute.

me in Gstaad

That big castle up on the hill is actually a really expensive restaurant.

me in Gstaad


By this time I was getting pretty exhausted from all the walking and sightseeing.  But we continued south because we had one more place to go, and I’m really glad I hung in there because it was the most beautiful.  We went to Chateau Chillon – a castle on Lake Geneva.  The lake was beautiful, and the sun was shining off the water.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva 2

Lake Geneva 3

It made me excited for the marathon , because it is along Lake Geneva.  It should be a beautiful course!

Chateau Chillon

The castle was gorgeous too.

Chateau Chillon 2

Chateau Chillon 3

me Chateu Chillon

me Chateu Chillon 2

me Chateu Chillon 3

Chateu Chillon inside

Chateau Chillon sky

Chateau Chillon final

It was the perfect ending to the day.

And now, I  am off to eat some Swiss chocolate as my perfect ending to this day.  More catch-up tomorrow.

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G’night, ya’ll.

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