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Switzerland in pictures – catching up post 1

Posted Oct 16 2009 12:00am

Ok, I know I’ve been sorely lacking in the posting area.  Things have been a little busy.  So I don’t have time to write all that much about what’s been going on, but here is a brief outline in pictures.

S has had exams all week.  His last one is today, and then this evening his parents are having a “party” get-together with family and friends at their house.  We will have raclette .  I have been waiting for it since we got here, because there is this HUGE round of cheese in the fridge for it that has been calling my name.  It’s not easy being cheesy.  S’s dad has also bought me some Coor’s light for the occasion, so fun will be had by all.  I also know of a few secret guests who will be coming as a surprise that S is not yet aware of (some friends of his) ;)   I can’t wait to see his face!

So… here’s the recap.  I haven’t been diligent about taking pictures of my food :(   But I have been diligent about eating it, that’s for sure!

Wednesday morning I woke up and had stellar cereal for breakfast.  First of all, I tried these Choco Krispies – which I thought might be just like the Cocoa Krispies in the US but they weren’t.  They were huge chocolate puffs that had real chocolate inside…  NOM NOM NOM!!!

choco krispies

I also mixed it with a new cereal I got – Wheetabix Wheetos Choco Hoops.  I love all things Weetabix, but have a really tough time finding it in the US.  I usually majorly stock up when I go to England.  So I was soo happy to find it here!  I got two other kinds too, but that will be for a later post when I open them :)


S’s father and I went to Fribourg to meet S’s sister for lunch.  She goes to school there, and every day they get about a 2 hour break to leave for lunch!  S stayed home to study for his exams more.  After lunch, S’s father and I went sightseeing.  First we went to the cathedral of Fribourg:

fribourg cathedral

Here is a picture of it from a little further away, on the other side of Fribourg.

cathedral of Fribourg

The inside was beautiful.

fribourg cathedral inside front

fribourg cathedral inside back

And then we climbed up the stairs all the way to the top.  It was soooo cold and windy up there!

me top of Fribourg cathedral

me top of Fribourg cathedral

But the view was spectacular.  You could see all of Fribourg.

view from Fribourg cathedral 1

view from Fribourg cathedral 2

view from Fribourg cathedral 3

view from Fribourg cathedral 4

view from Fribourg cathedral 5

view from Fribourg cathedral 6

view from Fribourg cathedral 7

view from Fribourg cathedral 9

And here is me and S’s dad on top of the cathedral:

view from Fribourg cathedral 8

While we walked around Fribourg, I kept seeing a sign for a race that looked soooo cool.  It is this Sunday, October 18th, and it is an 8k run with 1300 stairs.  I have been wanting to do one of those stair races since I read about one in Runner’s World, but haven’t done one yet.  So I took a picture of one of the signs so that I would remember to look up the website when I got home.


The race looks awesome, but when I checked the website when I got home (and translated it, of course) it said that registration was closed.  They do have registration the day of the race, but it looks to be a small and elite group of runners so I have the feeling I would totally get my ass kicked.  We will be going to Wiler (where S’s family has another house) on Saturday and staying until Sunday, so I will see what the plan is once we get there.  But I’m not going to make their whole family come back early just so that I can do the race.

We stopped by a store, where I got these:


Smarties, my favorite!  Once again, a treat that I usually only get in England.

In Fribourg, there is this one little street that is like a “couples in love alley”.  There is a little walkthrough that has a picture of a couple from the front and the back.  The front side has a saying in French:


Which means:

This is the street of the faithful wives and the corner of the model husbands

The backside has a saying in Swiss German:


Which means:

Today, enjoy yourself Groom, you good man.  Most likely the wife will be wearing the pants tomorrow.

Ha!  I love how the French have this positive message about the couple being married, and the Swiss German are like… whoa man, the woman’s gonna wear the pants in this relationship!

Then we went to warm up with a coffee in a cute little coffee shop:

me coffee shop

When we got home, the house was awfully quiet.  I expected to find S studying in the kitchen, but instead I found him like this:


Yep… sleeping.  Why was I not surprised?? ;)

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