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"Swine Flu Epidemic" - Article Links and Information

Posted Apr 29 2009 11:41pm
DO NOT overstimulate your immune system with herbs and vitamins trying to ward off the " Swine Flu" epidemic.  I just recently read that the Swine Flu works by taking a very healthy immune system and turns it on itself.  That is an auto-immune response.  And, thankfully, the virus seems to be somewhat sensitive to the Tamiflu drug in use.

Protect yourself by washing your hands frequently (viruses can live for days on doorknobs and such) and eating healthy foods.  You can certainly take your normal vitamins and supplements but don't start running to the hospital with a sniffle, we don't want the caretakers to be overwhelmed...we want them to focus on real emergencies.

I have posted some links below with valuable, insightful information about the Swine Flu Epidemic.

Read, learn, protect yourself and loved ones, and relax.

Information is on.

Articles from Natural News  

Article from Jon Barron

"Swine Flu - No Pandemic Yet" written by Jon Barron at The Baseline of Health Foundation

Article from Medline Plus

"Swine Flu" from Medline Plus (US Library of Medicine and The National Institutes of Health)
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