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Sweet Mango & Lime Corn Salsa, Mailbox Finds, Real Friends

Posted Mar 12 2010 3:46pm
TGIF My Bloggie Loves!  I am so happy it's Friday because the sun is shining, it's getting warm and spring-like here, and it will be the first non-rainy weekend (hopefully) that I will be able to enjoy in awhile!  No big plans and as I mentioned yesterday , Scott has a work commitment on Saturday so Skylar and I will have to get into some stay of out trouble on our own, and on either Saturday or Sunday, I'll do an in-studio yoga class and the other day I will practice at home.  I go through phases where I can't get enough yoga studio classes in, and then I go through phases with yoga where it's nice not chasing off to a studio and rushing to get there and I love simply practicing in the calmness of my own home.  Since completing my 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Credential , which is the highest recognized level among yoga teachers, it's been nice to have some mellow, calm, at-my-own-pace in-home practice sessions.  So, what's On Your Agenda for the Weekend?

Thanks for filling me in on what your thoughts are about being touched by a teacher when you're taking a fitness class; either during a yoga class, personal training session, or in other fitness classes.  It's nice to hear what you think of it because I know everyone has different opinions on this one.  It seems like the majority of you enjoy being adjusted in class otherwise you'd just stay home and do a yoga dvd!  The adjusts and assists are what you really enjoy about a live in-person class.   

Adjusts and assists for beginning yoga students can be really helpful because the teacher can help "put you" or help guide you into more accurate alignment so that at home or on your own you have a better feel for what you should aim for.   And, for more advanced students, if you're working on a pose, and you're so close and just a little help could make all the difference...that's where a great assist becomes highly beneficial.  But some of you don't like touching at all , and I completely respect that, too.  Great feedback bloggies!

And it sounds like I'm not the only one who collects cookbooks as sport enjoys Cook Books
 One Section of my Cook Book Shelf
so I'm glad you enjoyed the Cook Book Reviews
Today's Finds include my Give Away Winnings from the lovely Michal of Lil Earth Muffin
I won her One Year Going Vegan Anniversary Give Away and she sent me some awesome goodies!
This was Her Give Away Post Picture and Links

I loved opening up the box she sent and finding Vegan Shampoo and Lip Balms

And the Super Star of the Gift: Michal's homemade “Take Me on a Date Cookies!”
They are awesome!  Totally moist and naturally sweet with a hint of cranberry, oh they're wonderful!

And she sent a peanut butter crunch bar from the Flaming Ice Cube which was dense, peanut buttery, super rich, with a layer of chocolate on the top.  Scott, Skylar and I split it and this bad boy is long gone.

Thanks, Michal , for this lovely give away care package!  You are such a sweet, kind, awesome person.  You have such a big heart and I am so happy to have met you and thanks for the giveaway win, but most of all, thank yourself for your One Year Vegan Anniversary ...that's such a big, amazing milestone!   xoxoxo

I also received a care package from Newman's Own Organics
The Soy Crisps Quickly Made Their way Out of the Bag...
...And onto Skylar's Lunch Plate.  Good source of protein at 7g per serving, and they're GF, and although we don't do tons of processed soy in our house, Skylar sure begged me for more of these!
Later on, I gave her a couple Fig Newman's Instead
Which seemed to be just fine by her!  And yes, my child is wearing a winter coat, a hoodie, and a tshirt in order to go outside and play.  It's been that cold here in "hot and sunny Arizona" but I think the weather is finally breaking...thank goodness, I need my Sunshine!
I love the Newman's Own Organics Products because they advocate using organic food to make great tasting snacks that are good for you.  Thanks, Newman's Own Organics!

For Dinner I Made Sweet Mango & Lime Corn Salsa
Averie's Sweet Mango & Lime Corn Salsa
1/3 c fresh diced mango
1/3 c fresh diced red pepper
1 c canned corn

Juice of 1/2 lime, a scant 2 Tbsp
2 Tbsp Agave (use more/less or omit, or use Stevia , based on taste preferences)

1 Tsp Ginger
S & P to Taste
Optional: 1/4 Tsp Chili Powder and/or Cayenne 
Optional Add-In's: Add black beans, garbanzo beans, red onion, garlic, or other diced veggies to the mixture 

Stir & Eat
Tip: Allow the Flavors to Marry in the Fridge for a few hours for optimal results

Serve over spiralized Zuke Noodles
For spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you'll ever spend!) 
check out This Post
 ...but I put the salsa On top of Greens
I served the salsa on romaine and I added Cukes, Tomatoes, and a dash of Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing.
You could also make a salad dressing with lime juice (from your other un-used lime half), and add EVOO/Hemp/Flax Oil, Ginger, Agave, and whisk. 
I am not usually a beans person really but black beans (or red or garbanzo) would have been awesome in here!

For Dessert, I was craving something Dark.  And these Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats weren't quite ready; plus, I wanted to save them for the morning...
Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats
With additional Tips Here
18 Hours later, here's what the overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats looked like

So nice to have this Chocolate Breakfast waiting for me in the fridge so it was good I decided to make something else....
....So for my Dark Chocolate Needs, I made a Fresh Batch of Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls  
You can, of course, use regular rather than dark cocoa powder if you don't have dark.  And grocery store brands like Hershey's Cocoa Powder work just fine for those of you without access to the designer or specialty cocoa powders.

I also popped a couple of Michal's Take Me on a Date Cookies
And No Snacky Night would be complete without Popcorn with Maca, Nooch, Stevia, Cinnamon, & Chocolate Chips
  Click Here for the Fast & Easy Way to Pop Your Corn!
Then spray it all down with cooking spray or coconut oil cooking spray, douse with your toppings, and enjoy!  Here's how I've been dousing it...
  And Chocolate Chips Make Me Happpppy!!!
And so does all the nooch, maca, and cinnamon!
  Click Here for my 90 Second, Super Healthy Way to Make Popcorn

Yoga Today is a Flashback Pic...
Last summer living in our urban downtown San Diego townhouse admist boxes getting ready to move to Phoenix.  And wanting to move back to San Diego big time!
Prasarita Padottanasana C (Wide Legged Forward Bend)
Arms clasped behind you, then fold over, let your arms fall overhead.  Final extent of the pose is fingers touching the ground.  This is a great pose to open up your shoulders, chest and back for all us computer junkies who spent way too much time hunched forward, opening up your chest and shoulders feels so good!  
Tip of the Day:
Enter to Win Tazo Tea

1. Plans for the Weekend?  Do you have Any?
Scott has work plans for Saturday so I am doing the solo weekend parent thing with Skylar tomorrow and then probably yoga Sunday morning and maybe spending some time in the kitchen making desserts which for me is totally relaxing, but we are busting at the seams with goodies so I think I need to find another use of my spare time for now! 
Another thing I will be doing this weekend is letting my google reader pile up so I can be on my computer less and live life more!  Life is meant to be lived outdoors, not at my desk chair!

2. Do you have Real Life Friendships? 
When I was growing up, I had little friends that lived down the block and as I got older, my friends were just on the other side of town.  As an adult I moved 2500 miles away from my midwest roots and my childhood and college friends are back there, and as an adult, have lived in IL, NC, SC, CA, and AZ so I have friends all over.   While I still keep in touch with a handful of people, I am finding that in my day-to-day life, I don't have that many in-person friends these days and instead my friends are either newer "internet friends" who I hope to meet one day but for most, I haven't met them yet.  And, also I keep in touch with friends I made years ago through Facebook or emails but they are not face-to-face daily I see them kind of friendsAside from a few people I've met in Phoenix, I rely on my New Internet & Blogosphere Friends as my friends. 
Is that strange?
Can you really be friends with people you meet online?  Are those friendships "real"?  Or are they somehow less valid than someone you meet face-to-face in your town?
I actually feel more connected to so many of you whom I've never met because if you read my blog and I read yours, there's a certain connection and commonality there and we "click", much more so than I do with the random girl down the block who although local, doesn't share the interests or passions that I do.
And I'm not sure that with this global and virtual world in which we all now live that friendships as many of us knew growing up will ever be the same.
What's your take on Internet Friendships and How Many Real Life friends do you have or that you see regularly?

Stay Tuned For A Cook Book Give Away...

and P.S. I added the ability to subscribe to my blog via email and anytime I add things like this and do anything tech-related, I always fear that my feed into Google Readersis going to get messed up.  So for your Google Reader Readers, let me know if this post popped up in your 'Reader.  Thanks friends!

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