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Sweet Deliciousness. mmmmmmmm.

Posted Feb 03 2010 4:28pm

WellI’m out of the funk I was in last night.  Partly because of my run yesterday evening.  And partly because I (drumroll please…)……DID NOT TAKE A NAP TODAY.  I’m so proud of myself.  Seriouslyit may sound ridiculous.  But naps are my achilles heel.  And I was (as always) exhausted after work today.  Butit was a beautiful dayso I took the little boy out to the dog park for some frolicking and asserting our tough manliness in a 30-lb body.  (SeriouslyB thinks he is as big and tough as a pit bull.  And has this nasty assertive scowlly growl.).  Andby the time I got back at 6pmI was ok.  And ready to cook.

And thenladies and gentsI came home to make the BEST thing I’ve cooked in I don’t know how long.  Omg.  Seriously.  LikeI know I’m tooting my own horn.  But holy frig.  I was in heaven.  I literally licked my bowl clean.  It was totally classy and ladylike.

Since this week’s CSA gets delivered tomorrow…had to get cracking on the veggies I still have from last week.  SoI whipped up a Gingered Winter Squash and Pear Puree (to go along with the last leftovers of the bland swiss chard casserole.)

  1. Peel and halve two pearsand halve about 1.5 lbs of butternut squash (I used two babies, because that’s what I had…a medium sized squash would work too).  Roast in oven until soft.
  2. Brown 2 tbsp butter with some minced ginger and a few sliced leaves of sage in a medium saucepan.
  3. Add roasted pears and scooped out butternut squash to saucepan and blend with an immersion blender.
  4. Garnish with whatever you feel like (goat cheeseroasted walnutstoasted pinenuts…endless options).

Ok. I tried a new format tonight.  Complete recipe then all the pictures. What do you all think?

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