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Posted Nov 14 2012 9:24am
11/13/12 Sweaty Results:
Lunges and Squats-2 sets of 15 with 5lbs in each hand
Stair climbers x30 on each leg
Jumping Jacks x100
Plank-1.5 minutes

Spin: 47 minutes of pain.
What compelled me to keep going after 45 minutes? It couldn't have been the 17 breaks... naaah.
It even looks kind of scary, doesn't it?
But I look scarier! In more ways than one.
Yesterday gave me a swift kick in the buttocks to get some stuff done. I'm so proper. 

After crossing off everything on my to-do list (Not only do I have a secret crush on to-do lists, I have an even stronger affinity for crossing off items on to-do lists. Weird, I know.), I jumped on email to find an invitation waiting for little ole me to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!
What is Sweat Pink, you ask?! 

"Welcome to the Sweat Pink movement, where tough and girly come together at last. Sweat Pink is all about sharing the joy that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. It's a celebration of hard work and well-earned rewards. Our pink shoelaces are a proud demonstration of all we've achieved, and all we plan to become." ~Straight from the horse's mouth !                                                                                 

Anyone in the Quad Cities should email me at almosthealthylife (at) gmail (dot) com to find out more information on an upcoming weekly run I'm leading. It's for ALL abilities! Walk/runners and super, ridiculously fast Usain Bolt sprinters are all welcome. It's much harder to skip that winter run when you have a pack of hungry runners who know where you live.

Our slogan? 

Run or Die!

You don't want to die, do you?

Today's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 40 minutes (Pace: Tempo)

Wanna Share?
Do you take part in group exercise? Whether it's a weekly run, or yoga, or Zumba, or spin class, or Bodypump, or what else?? Tell me, tell me!!

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