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Sweat Like A Girl

Posted Oct 23 2012 10:19pm

This past weekend we had another yogi come in a do a workshop on assisting with us. He was phenomenal. I learned so much not only about the yoga stuff, but about myself. This was a teacher that is just so in tune with his students. I had learned that when I was in a few of his classes. One of which he totally called me out for not “being present.” Aka…I was being a spaz because I was paying too much attention to the way he was teaching, that I was lacking in my own practice. He made such a great point in saying to our teacher training class that our best teacher is going to be ourselves. And that we need to bring that our in our students as well. That instead of going to classes trying to focus on what other teachers are doing to make yourself a better teacher, you need to reflect on your own mat and just be there.


In the beginning of our workshop on Sunday he asked someone to come up and choose a reading out of a book. Well she picked the most perfect reading for our class. It resonated with each and every one of us—and I think that it would resonate with you as well. It was about making mistakes. How you need to stumble, fall and screw up to become great at something. We all start somewhere. It was amazing for me to hear because while I know that logically, I am completely type A and want to be an expert and something like right now. I am incredibly hard on myself when I screw up and over these past six weeks I have seen how much I’ve grown in that I am more accepting of the fact that I am not going to be perfect. It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect. We all have things in our lives that are new and that make us nervous or afraid….but you know what…trying makes you better off that any of the people sitting on the couch saying no. When you say no (to quote our teacher) the door closes. You’re done. When you say yes, you open up the opportunity. You may fail, you may say something stupid, but you may also learn, grow, and open yourself up to try again until you are great. We all need to fail in order to grow, learn, change.


The workshop was amazing all around. We did some very interesting exercises and some really cool partner yoga. One exercise in particular was crazy. In the beginning of class we partnered up and he asked us to sit crossed legged with our knees touching facing one another. He then asked us to take our partners hand and place it on our hearts. Then vice versa. We  were asked to look each other in the eyes for a minute or two. I love the girl I partnered with but it was a little awkward—very hard not to break down laughing (some giggling ensued between us both). Then we were asked to close our eyes and sit there for five minutes. Five minutes like that! Half way in I settled in and got a little more comfortable with the exercise, and overall I think it was pretty cool looking back. The point was to become comfortable being in someone’s else’s personal space. It did the trick!


As far as my workouts go I have been practicing power  yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday (sometimes sneaking in a little cardio before class if I have time). Gym workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays. Workshops on the weekends (and allow me to count the 20 minute walk to an from the train Smile )

Today I did a mix of HIIT, endurance cardio and some strength. TRX.

Last week I posted this HIIt workout on instagram


The first part is the warm-up. For the star sprints I ran up an actual flight of stairs in the gym. I work in the same area because there’s only ten seconds between to get to the next exercise. For handstands (or bunny hops, the intro to handstands) you can find a wall to do them against.

The next part is the workout round. I used six risers for my box jumps. I usually use seven but It’s been a while.  For the Bosu lunges I used the bosu to lift my rear leg and just switched half way through.  Plyo push ups on the Smith bar are one of the only ways I USE the Smith machine.

I need to start testing some more HIIT workouts out for upcoming boot camps. I just got an email today my clients are itching to get back to Saturday morning class!

I’ve been working on some delicious recipes I hope to share soon. Just a little more tweaking to do!

PearsApples IMG_3131 copy

Talk soon!


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