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Sushi Lunch Date!

Posted Mar 31 2012 2:03am

Good morningg! 

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from some studying and blog work and went to lunch with some of the girls! We headed over to their favorite sushi place for the sushi lunch special.

Now, I used to be a huge sushi fan, but I tend to be picky. We have a great place back home that has AWESOME rolls, so its very hard to eat anywhere else; but, I figured I would give it a try. Plus, lunch with the girls is ALWAYS a good time. (the lighting was bad so it was hard to get decent pictures)

A few of my friends are THE pickiest eaters ever! One being Gee (above left), who until we lived together at school would not eat vegetables or fish. Needless to say, after a couple years of living together, she now eats an array of veggies and has tried any fish I have made. She even gets shrimp sushi rolls and tried my spicy tuna! Way to go Gee! I guess you could say I’m a good influence with food ;)

Alicia, the other extremely picky eater (she would only eat bagels and DRY(!) lettuce before she met all of us!), ORDERED SUSHI. I was SHOCKED! She had a cucumber roll and california roll. She even tried a bite of a salmon avocado rolled and LIKED IT!

Christina, another one of our friends, never really ate sushi because she was scared of the seaweed its wrapped in. Well, needless to say, we have another sushi eater (even if it was tempura chicken sushi)!

High Fives All Around

We started off the lunch with some yummy edamame …

… and I had an un-pictured spicy tuna roll and a spicy yellowtail roll. A few of us ordered the salmon avocado roll to split to give it a try – it was pretty good.

I completely forgot to ask for brown instead of white rice, so I was a little upset – but I got over it – ha!
It was a fun afternoon with some great friends – the sushi was good too!
I headed back t the library to get some more studying done, but, instead, I did more blog work – go figure! Once I finished, I headed home and actually started studying!
Later on, I made myself some dinner with the left over chicken, spinach, and sundried tomato dish I made earlier in the week and some DeLallo whole wheat orecchiette. (really great combo!)

I enjoyed it with a little lacatelli cheese and a small side of frozen steamed veggies because I ALWAYS need veggies with my dinner ;)

After dinner I got some more studying done and made my Proatmeal Pancake batter for my post-run breakfast/lunch tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to enjoying them later ;)  
I’m off to get ready for my 12 mile training run! (Unfortunately, its going to be on the treadmill today :/ NOT my ideal run, but it is what it is! I don’t know my way around here so I’m too nervous of ending up in a not so great area! I know it sounds dumb, but I can’t help it! Once I’m home, I’ll be outside ALL the time for my long runs ;) ) At least the treadmills on one of our campuses have TVs attached at eye level (if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t last the whole time – it would get to boring!). I just put on Foodnetwork and run! 
I’ll be back tomorrow with the recap :)
1. Do you have any planned runs for this weekend?
2. Are you a treadmill hater/lover for long runs? It’s not my top pick but I’m not totally against it!
Have a great saturday :)
~ L
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