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Surviving Progress…

Posted Sep 16 2012 11:45pm

Cohabitaire, earth, surviving progress, sustainability, poverty, world hunger, economy, debt, crisis, globalisation, Martin Scorsese

I didn’t sleep much last night after witnessing the most compelling, intelligent piece of film I have ever seen. EVER.

Surviving Progress  tackles the complex reality of where we’re at as a civilisation – quite simply and truthfully - our rate of progress and consumerism outruns the natural resources required to support it. Exposing the selfish individual ‘wants’ ahead of the needs of life on earth as a whole.

How will we survive this way?

A system that sees populations crippled by mental illness because they’re so compelled to consume, to live a life of wants – not needs – conditioned by economics to strive for more money, more stuff, more waste – even if it costs their life.

A system built on debt that sees impoverished countries bound by loan interest so high that they’re forced to sell their natural wealth to pay it back, even if it means their people die of starvation.

Surviving Progress, Martin Scorsese,David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, conservation, economics, globalisation, poverty, deforestation, nature, earth

It made me stop and think about why I started Cohabitaire in the first place – to spread the inspiration that nature is brilliant and worth saving. But for so long I have kept many opinions to my chest for fear of not being popular, but I realised that if I can’t stand up for anything here – where can I?

I am in love with earth, our incredible home, and the only home we have – and I will unashamedly speak out to protect it. Even if it means being criticised for my views, being called a greenie, a leftie, a hippy – whatever category someone else wants to put me in – to not be part of the system that is failing us. That’s killing us. It’s absolute insanity.

This year I quit my 6-figure corporate job A) because it wasn’t making me happy; B) sitting in an office cubicle in a concrete tower in conditioned air is not normal; and most importantly C) to follow my heart: start my own sustainable graphic design and photography business, become a yoga teacher, experience the world and spend more time with the love of my life and the people that matter to me.

To live life and not just exist

I may never be as wealthy as I could have been – but I have never felt so rich. Some days my face hurts so much from smiling – to me, that’s enough to make it all worth it, to die tomorrow and have ZERO regrets.

Needless to say my accountant doesn’t agree, but if he wants to delay happiness that’s his business – I’d rather live my life in the present and be happy on a daily basis than putting it off to enjoy at retirement. That very thought of living for a tomorrow that may never arrive is, my friends, a very scary idea of an empty existence.

Until someone can prove to me that this way of life is actually healthy for people – I’m going to try something else.

Yes, we need money – but there are ways to make it without waste and still have everything you need – food, shelter, water and time. TIME to do the things you love, to spend it with those you love. I want to be there to raise my own kids, not a leave it to a childcare centre. No high wage could ever compensate for that.

My dream is to help others realise the same happiness, that you can support yourself and break free and not be part of the problem.

I urge everyone to watch this film and decide – how will you choose to live this life?

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