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Surviving Crossfit and making it taper week friendly...

Posted May 03 2013 12:37pm
A little while ago, one of the running instructors at our Running Room organized a special "try it" night for us runners at her crossfit gym, Hybrid Athletics.  I'd been curious about crossfit for awhile so I decided to join in and really enjoyed the work out, here's how that went .

Fast forward a few weeks and my friend Krista decided that she too wanted to try crossfit too so we decided to sign up for the 'on ramp' program together.  It's great because we can go during my older son's preschool hours and then my youngest and her son can hang out together in the childminding room.  Perfect!

So 'on ramp' is the introduction program to crossfit where you work with a trainer one-on-one (or two-on-one in our case) for about 4 sessions to learn about how the gym works and about the types of workouts so that when you go to start doing the actual classes (and WODs) you'll be ready to go and be safe.  Today was our first session so I made sure to have a yummy Whole30 breakfast so I'd be ready to go...

Now you might be asking whether crossfit is really a great taper week activity and generally I think we'd all say a resounding 'No!'  But I really wanted to get started and was up front with our trainer at the very start both about my back problems and also the fact that I'd be holding back a little because of my marathon on Sunday.  I may have looked like a slacker or a wimp but that marathon is important and I didn't wanna wreck my chances by doing something stupid at crossfit.

Our first day was pretty basic and I made it even more basic for myself.  After a quick intro and warmup on the spin bike we did a tabata style workout.  20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.

Our workout was pretty straightforward
  • Rowing machine, 8 sets (this was okay)
  • Deep squats, 8 sets (this I totally sucked at)
  • Modified push-ups, 4 sets (this was sort of alright)
  • Sit ups, 8 sets (these hurt my back)
Straightforward or not, it was still pretty tough!  In fact, I was kinda tired just after the warmup stretches!  I quickly realized that my limiting factor is going to be my back pain and lack of flexibility, rotation and core strength.  I've been working hard on my core but I'm still not very tough in that department!  I'm going to have to make sure that I am very careful to modify when necessary and protect my back until I strengthen up a bit.

It was short and sweet and I pretty much made fun of myself the whole time but I really enjoyed it.  Strength training is definitely a weakness of mine so I look forward to using crossfit to work on that.  Afterwards we stopped off at a local park so the boys could run around and I could lay in the grass...

And now the big question, how do I feel today?  Well the old thighs are a bit stiff from those squats but nothing I'm too worried about.  I've been stretching diligently anyway and know they'll loosen up throughout the day.  

In other news I'm heading downtown today to meet Solana and her mom and volunteer at the BMO Marathon Elite Runners Luncheon.  I've never volunteered at this type of event before so it should be interesting.  If nothing else, I can provide physical support for Solana if she faints because her idol and running hero, Bart Yasso, will be at the lunch and she's hoping to meet him.  Should make for an interesting blog post tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited that the marathon weekend festivities are upon us, my doubts have slid away and now I'm just feeling pumped and happy that I get to be a part of such a fun event with so many amazing people.

Do you do crossfit?  How do you find it works with your running?  Does it get easier as time goes on?

I'm linking up again with the Running Bloggers Fitness Friday so be sure to check out some of the other great posts linked today...

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