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Supporting (or not) other Mothers

Posted Nov 29 2010 12:00am

Last week our little girl turned 5 months old.

Sophie- 5 months

How did that happen?  Where did the last five months go?

She is such a joy and does something everyday to make us laugh and smile.  I’m not sure what we use to fill our days with.  Maybe a little more sleep, a little more blogging, a little more exercise.  Now I don’t do nearly the same amount but it doesn’t really matter to me because my life is all about her.

It’s crazy because just when you think you’ve loved as much as you can, your heart just fills up even more and overflows at the sight of little smiles at 3am, a thumb in her mouth while trying to nurse or the way she goes “mmmmmm” and you think…come on, just say MOM (and actually know what it means haha).

I’ve seen a lot of banter on twitter lately.  Moms bashing moms and their parenting styles.  Blog posts that trash other mothers and the choices they make for their kids.  Parenting forums that hold debates over what’s right or wrong.  It is really disheartening .  When did women stop supporting each other and start competing over who can raise the healthiest kid who has the greatest eating habits, behaves the best, sleeps the best, sits up first, knows how to count by the time they are one.  It is incredible how many arguments i’ve read over whether CIO (cry it out) leaves your child with psychological problems or if formula feeding really does inject your kid with poison.  Come on people, just feed your child – whether its breast or bottle, who cares?  What works for one may not work for someone else.  There are so many books on how to raise a child. When did doing things by the book become more important than just looking at your child for cues on what they need?

Parenting is hard.  Each and every day decisions need to be made on what we think is best for our children.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little support?  No one is perfect, we are going to make mistakes along the way.  But give your kid a cuddle when they cry and be there for them in the best way you can and everything else should fall into place.  I know I didn’t know how to be a mom before I became one.  It doesn’t come with a day to day guide on what to do and how to do it.  We learn as we go.  We shouldn’t have to defend why we do things the way we do, what choices we make and why we’ve made them.

Women need to come together and realize the bigger picture here.  We’re all in the same boat, trying to raise healthy happy children.  In the end isn’t that the one thing that matters most?

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