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SUPPORT NETWORK/Totally Necessary :) And 160 Calorie CHEESECAKE

Posted Dec 23 2009 12:00am

I have talked a lot about food, recipes, diaries, exercise and moderation and have neglected one very important key factor in any one's success with weight loss and weight maintenance. Who do you lean on when times get tough and when you don't feel like going on one more day? Who cheers you up and keeps you on the straight and narrow? Who is that person or group of people that are there to support you no matter what? They are none other than your MOST IMPORTANT determining factor in springing you to either your goal weight or talking you off the ledge to help you stay at maintenance. These are the people you surround yourself with to ensure you will achieve your goal!

I have Chad who is always there to support me no matter what and most importantly keep me level headed if I feel I have FALLEN OFF THE WAGON! He reminds me that no one is perfect and it's okay if you fluctuate in your weight (up to 5lbs at maintenance) and have a CHEAT DAY. He of course will always (I hope always!?) love me no matter what whether I am 10 or 30lbs over weight. Although he knows I am way too neurotic to let that happen.

Cindy is my absolute bestest bestie ever and has been a lifesaver on so many levels. She helps me to enjoy the pleasures of delicious food in moderation. She inspires me to keep on keepn on with exercise, eating healthy, my blog, and hopefully finding my next career (so does Chad though :)). Cindy also looks to me for help and support with her weight loss and exercise. She inspires me to keep coming up with new work out routines and new and healthy recipes. I am lucky to have at least two people who I can count on NO MATTER WHAT! Of course I have my family (love you Family!) and that is expected, and they are totally amazing people. I have mentioned my mother a couple of times and she has also been an inspiration to my weight maintenance. My mother has also taught me a number of great tricks to either get in shape or maintain my weight.

A support network was one of the most important factors we focused on at Jenny Craig. When I would meet with a client for the first time I would ask them to name at least one person that they could go to if they were feeling helpless with their weight loss. They always had me as their cheer leader, but most importantly they needed someone outside of the center to be their security blanket if you will. I cannot say enough about how important this truly is and how many clients that succeeded because they had someone to lean on. Who do you lean on when you are ready to cheat or have one too many servings of something sinful? What do they say or what do they remind you of that continues you on the straight and narrow? This is definitely a topic to roominate on and if you cannot think of anyone I volunteer myself as your number one cheer leader! Good luck to everyone this week, as I know you all have "Holiday Dinners" to attend. Check out some of my previous posts this month and last for some helpful tricks to portion control as well as some low-cal recipes. Merry Christmas again and here is the promised low-cal quick Cheesecake recipe I found, although this is really mine since I have completely changed it for my taste buds!:

Cheesecake Spinoff! 160 calories per one serving

1/2 cup low-fat ricotta
1 tsp honey
1tsp Stevia
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbps smashed vanilla wafers
1 tsp melted low-fat butter (Brummel and Brown)
1 tsp Sugar

Smash up enough vanilla wafers to equal a tbsp. Add melted butter and sugar and stir till mixed. Set aside. Take your ricotta cheese and add honey, stevia, and your vanilla and mix thoroughly. Top with your vanilla wafers and enjoy!
This is also a spin off of your traditional Capresse Salad but without the loads of fat and calories. Simply slice up 10 to 15 cherry/grape tomatoes and cucumbers and marinate in 3 tbps white wine vinegar, Mrs. Dash Original, salt, and 1 tsp olive oil. Sprinkle Parmesan/Romano on top and you are ready to dig in!

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