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Supplements in Sports Today

Posted Sep 26 2011 9:29pm

Today’s guest post comes from Monica of Bulk Supplements Direct .

In the year 2010, the supplement industry grew by over 9% and generated over $3 billion in reported sales. In 2011, the industry is set to grow even more. While not all of these supplement statistics are from sports supplements, it’s safe to say that sports supplements are doing very well today, despite the global recession.

The Only Supplements That Took a Downturn

The only supplements that took a downturn were diet pills and weight loss pills. These dropped by as much as 15% by some estimates.

These pills include the hoodia pills, Chinese weight loss teas and the most infamous of all, the Acai berry pills. These pills blew up after appearing on Opera and Dr. Oz. But after a few months of massive popularity, it quickly became apparent that these pills just didn’t work as they portrayed. Many of them were being sold fraudulently online.

Steady Performing Supplements

There are several categories of supplements that are rightly still very popular in the sporting market.

Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine are still doing very well. These two supplements give the body the amino acids it needs to build muscles, as well as stimulate protein synthesis. They help the body produce more “building blocks” as well as more energy.

These two supplements are often taken before a workout to give the body pre-workout boost.

Another consistent performer is whey protein . Perhaps the #1 protein in all of the workout community, whey protein has been proven in study after study to absorb better and produce better results than any other form of protein.

Whey protein can be found in isolate form, in shake form, in power bar form and in just about any other ingestible form. There are many different grades, levels of filtration and price grades to choose from.

Creatine is yet another consistent seller. Creatine helps the body produce more adenosine triphosphate, the compound that gives your body energy. While the body produces creatine naturally, many bodybuilders have found that consuming extra creatine helps them get a massive boost of energy to workout harder. Creatine can be taken before a workout to make the workout more intense, or after the workout to help recover energy afterwards.

Multivitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K are also doing very well. These are necessary for your body to build strong muscles, tendons and bones. Many bodybuilders are in the habit of taking daily multivitamins, which can help with many different kinds of vitamin deficiencies.

What’s Working and What Isn’t

As you can tell, many of the staples in the industry are still going very strong. That’s because these fundamentals are based on sound scientific principles rather than hype.

As the industry grows, it’s almost assured that you’ll continue to see new pill after new pill hit the market. While hundreds of new formulas hit the market every year, only a few end up sticking around.

Rather than jumping on every new product, stay with the proven fundamentals. These have been proven to work for a lot of people already, as their consistent annual sales figures will attest.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Have a Namaste.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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