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Super 5K Race Recap

Posted Feb 06 2013 6:10pm
Hello, Hello!
I thought I would toss out a quick recap from Super Bowl Sundays Super 5k.
First let me say, I have mentioned several times before that I am obsessed with my race times. I had someone tell me that it wasn't obsession...I am results driven. HaHa! I love that!
That being said, I am trying to focus on my training and not worry about the finish times.I was scheduled for a 4.5 mile training run on Sunday, so the 5K was part of the training run (in my mind).Here's me pre-race...   It was about 4 degrees. I was in my warm Jeep and did not get out until 4 minutes before the start of the race. Oh wait, there was a quick trip to the porta-potty which involved some pee-cicles from some hover-shiver action that just didn't work out too well. TMI? I know. If you are a runner, it won't bother you...Ha!So me and about 1400 other people set off on a course that took us through a subdivision and some slippery streets. Yes, we don't need trail running for excitement in Michigan...our city streets in the middle of winter supply plenty of obstacles and excitement!I had on 3 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of wool socks - Fabulous!I stuck to my plan and just ran it at a nice easy pace, but I must admit...the sight of the finish line about a block away sent me sprinting in my usual manner. That is either my 'Don't mess with me!" finisher face or it was quite possibly frozen like that.Finisher photos are awesome, aren't they?I am thinking I should start a website for horrible race photos. Hmmm...I may be on to something there!My own post race pictures are much more acceptable. I ran from the finish to my car. Ha! It had been less than a half hour, so it was still kind of warm!Got some fun bling, even got a beenie instead of a t-shirt! Fun stuff!
The run was put on by the local running store, Running Fit . They did a great job! The city of Novi is one of my favorite places and it is always nice to see people out there supporting runners, even if they don't know them. It is such an awesome community to be a part of. Just have to mention, to the lady that was running in just a sports bra...Unless you were experiencing some sort of hot flash, it truly was NOT that warm and I would like to suggest that you go with some sort of shirt when the temp is in the single digits. Just a suggestion...
Post race had some good food from what I hear. People were grubbin'! I am not a past race muncher. I don't run for the food, I don't run for cupcakes, I don't run for medals.I run because I want to run.I run because my body and I finally figured out that we can run!As a matter of fact, I came home and ran the other 1.5 miles of my scheduled training.My legs were not happy with the encore run.It had been over an hour since I finished the 5K and it was still only about 9 degrees out and looked a bit like this... I am entirely over the snow. Seriously.I don't think my toes ever got warm on Sunday.I am so ready for spring to get here!
Oh, and because I am 'results driven', my little (timed) training run ended up like this:27:08 (8:45 pace)Age Group: 18/95Overall: 483/1413
It feels good to know that I could have run harder/faster if I had wanted to.It feels even better to know that I can go out there and just run!

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