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Sunshine, Sugar Snap Peas, and Chia Seeds

Posted Apr 23 2011 7:46pm

Finally, a little sunshine in the Windy City!

lake walk

This week has just been rain, rain, and then more rain so it is wonderful to finally see the sun. We’ve been out and about all day and it’s been glorious.

I’m so glad that you all liked Nick’s first guest post and smoothie recipe . He’s recently been newly inspired to be more mindful of his diet and is loving creating new fruit and veggie-full meals. Speaking of fruits and veggies, check out the cornucopia of produce we came home with earlier today.


I was tweeting earlier about how I get a kick out of Trader Joe’s cashiers always asking how many kids we have when we check out. However, when you put all of our produce together like this, I can see why they think we’re feeding a family of 4! The amount is necessary because we only go out to eat once a week. That means that we control the quality of the foods that go into our bodies and we save a ton of money.

I wanted to highlight one of the veggies that I am just absolutely loving right now.

snow peas

Sugar snap peas are deliciously verdant and a 1 cup serving provides nearly 100% of the your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C.


My favorite way to eat them is to simply chop them into bite size pieces and add them to the big green salads I eat every day for lunch. They are so crisp and delicious!

Today I finally bit the bullet and stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a bag of chia seeds because apparently I am the only foodie in the blogosphere that hasn’t tried them yet! I had wanted to buy chia seeds many times, however, the $13 per package price tag always seems too steep. Reading countless blog posts that share all the different ways chia seeds can be used to thicken oatmeal and smoothies intrigued me so I finally decided to give them a try.

three seeds

Like their cousins, hemp and flax, chia seeds offer a healthy dose of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. We now have the seed trifecta, therefore, I am going to have to get creative in order to think of different ways to use them!

What’s your favorite way to use chia seeds?

Do you think they’re worth the relatively high cost?

Do you also buy a cornucopia of groceries?

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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