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Sunshine in Your Basement

Posted Apr 28 2010 12:00am

A friend of mine who manages a large sales organization told me the other day that one of her sales people stopped by her office to express his concern with a new promotional offer their company was about to launch. He told her that he was not happy with the new offer and wanted to know what she could do about it. My friend has been managing sales teams for a long time and she recognizes that often times concerns like this are expressed because the sales agent does not see the whole picture, does not understand the value of the offer or simply they are resisting change. She listened to her employees concern and then she asked him some questions and helped him to understand why the change was needed and what the value of the promotion was to his customers. The sales agent smiled and thanked her and as he was about to exit her office he turned and with a knowing smile asked “How come there is always sunshine your basement?” Meaning that even when things look dark, even when it seems as though she is at the lower level of things she seems to have light where others may find only darkness.

I love the question “Why do you always have sunshine in your basement?” When she first shared this story with me a couple of days ago, my immediate thought was to ask him why he does not have sunshine in his basement; why doesn’t he clean his basement windows to let the sunshine in, or why does he not install windows to let the sunshine in?

As I thought about my initial reaction over the last couple of days I realized that I missed something. I missed something BIG! My friend didn’t have sunshine in her basement because she had clean windows that allowed the sunshine in, no, she has sunshine in her basement because she is the light. The light that her employee saw in her was coming from within her!

I believe this a point that we too often miss. We too often look for the light, we seek the light out and yet the true light that we seek is within us. We can be the beacon of light that dispels the darkness. As a matter of fact the only light that dispels the darkness is the light within us. External light that we may find is temporary at best. External light is very similar to the flickering light of florescent light bulb, it sheds some light, however it is a cold light that in the long term does not give us the light that we need to be warm, it does not provide us with the nutrients we need to thrive. Even the light that is emitted from others is only good for the time we are exposed; however the light they provide quickly fades when they are no longer in our presence.  The true light, the light that is the “sunlight in our basement” beams from within us! It is the light that nurtures us and those whom we touch.  Our internal light, our spirit, our love is what guides us through the darkness of parts of our journey. Our internal light is an eternal flame that transcends our body.

Seek not the light for it is within you! Throw off the shrouds of ego, of false self and allow your light to penetrate the darkness and warm and provide what is needed for you to grow. Know that your light will also attract the light of others and that through you they may find their light.

May you find that your basement is full of sunshine!

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