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Sunscreen Leads To Vitamin D Deficiency In Children and Puts Them At Risk Of Disease.

Posted Aug 18 2009 11:28pm
Researchers have found that Vitamin D deficiency in children is more widespread than expected and puts them at increased risk for disease. "We expected the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency would be high, but the magnitude of the problem nationwide was shocking," says lead author Juhi Kumar, M.D., M.P.H., a fellow in pediatrics at Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center, The University Hospital and Academic Medical Center for Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Based on their results, that magnitude equates to 7.6 million children having a deficiency in necessary Vitamin D. This increases their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, bone diseases and even cancer.(1)

The main source of Vitamin D for children is sunshine and they don't get enough of it. In addition, the FDA guidelines for sunscreen were established in 1978 and haven't been updated as our knowledge of UV rays, Vitamin D, and diseases have. It is time to update the permanent sunscreen safety guidelines. A good rule of thumb, 10 minutes of sun on exposed sun, then put the sunscreen on. That way they get the benefits while minimizing the risks. Read More about this story in detail - Environmental Working Group

Source: Environmental Working Group
Reference: Vitamin D Council(1)
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