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Sunny January Day

Posted Jan 30 2013 6:00am

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, my computer is currently getting fixed. My MacBook has had a funky track pad for oh, like 6 months and I have just now had time to fix it. Living and hour away from the closest apple store isn’t very convenient…hopefully ill have it back any day. Currently I’m doing this from my phone which is not ideal but will have to do for now.

My weekend was great, I got to see Drew and we went out to dinner with some friends so it was a filled with lots of fun. I also got Drew to take Body Pump class with me Saturday and he EVEN said he liked it. I double checked to make sure he wasn’t kidding! I was sure id have to beg him to go but he actually agreed pretty quickly. He said it would have been even better if he understood what weights to put on. I will definitely admit the first class is so confusing, but it was fun to do something together, since being apart our running and biking have been solo. (Boringgggg)

So anyways, last week, running wise, was not great. The weather was crazy cold as many of you know and I just do so badly on treadmills. Somebody teach me the ways! But anyways, I was a little upset that I fell off the wagon last week but really, its not a big deal, and I still have a solid 46 days til NYC! (Yes, there’s a countdown on my phone…) I’m over it and moving on. I’m hoping for some solid runs in this beautiful weather, like yesterday…

It hit the 60′s in my neck of the woods and I was honestly so excited about running after work! Amazing how the weather can just about perk up any mood! Nothing will get me more pumped than wearing shorts and long sleeves to run in, especially after last week! :)


Izzy photobomb!

I set out to get at least 3 miles in, and felt good enough to get in another mile to make it an even 4, before running in to grab some dinner and head off to the next job. The rest of the week should include another run about 4 miles again and I should be heading out to do 7 miles this weekend if all goes according to plan.

Have any of you done a fitness class with a friend/significant other (and thought they would hate it) ?

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