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Sunday With Fit2Flex

Posted Apr 28 2013 6:44pm
We are unwinding from a terrific relaxing weekend! I have several posts coming up next week to recap all the fun and share our hotel experience with you, but today I thought I'd pop in real quick and share our day.

Except for the first part where we had brunch at the hotel, because clearly that has to go in the "hotel recap" post. Duh!
After brunch we left the hotel, I cried, and we headed right to the gym for our Sunday workouts.  Kyle killed me with his 3 x 4 workout.  Good news for you guys - Throwdown Thursday will return this week and I'll be sharing the 3x4 workout with you! After my workout I did abs then ran 1 fast mile in 8:06.
Sports bra from c9 at Target
We then had some exciting errands to run.  Lowe's was the first order of business since our shower broke 30 minutes before we headed out to our staycation.  It wasn't anything drastic, but we needed a new shower knob.  The joys of being homeowners.

We also checked out the lighting options at Lowe's. We have a florescent light in our kitchen that I HATE, but I don't know how to change it out to something more stylish?  Do you?  I also want to get a new light for our dining room...and someone to install them for me!
Sports Authority was also on the agenda as we needed a few new yoga mats and bands for the gym.  I spotted a pair of black and red Saucony on sale and decided that Kyle needed them.  Since he's not a runner he doesn't own running shoes, but he has a 5k the next 2 weekends so I wanted him to have some real gear.
Minnie had to inspect them.
Kyle sported his new Saucony shoes and my 110% Play Harder compression socks on a 2 mile training run Sunday afternoon.  He looked just like a runner...until mile 1 when he told me (again) how boring running is.
Dinner was simple. Baked chicken fingers, zucchini medley, and sweet potato.

My friend and fellow blogger Alexis posted a pic on Instagram of these delicious lemon blueberry bars she made.  I told her I wanted some and she offered to let me come over and try some (she lives .25 miles away) but I decided to bake too and whipped up some of A Girl Meets Life Red Velvet Cake Batter Brownies .

They're still in the oven, but I know they're delicious.  If you've never tried her cake batter brownies it's a MUST! You can do it with any type of cake mix and they're ready to eat in about an hour with cooling time.  Dense and sweet.

I think we'll finish the night up with a movie rental.  We watched Erased last week. Any recommendations?

What's the last dessert you baked?
Do you remember you first pair of running shoes?

Love and zoom,
Carissa & Kyle
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