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Sunday sunny Sunday

Posted Nov 14 2010 4:57pm

I know I said I missed east coast autumns and the beautiful colors that the leaves turn come late October and early November. I know I said it’s kind of a bummer to live in a place where the only real seasons are “rainy” and “not rainy.” I know I often complain about the thick layer of fog that always hangs over San Francisco.

Today I am swallowing my words and taking back all of my complaints because it is November 14th, and it is 75 degrees outside.

This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here in The City! The sun is shining and the streets are packed. We don’t often see such beautiful weather, and it looks like everyone here is taking full advantage of it!

This week has been challenging for me. My collision last week left me with a badly bruised rib and thigh. The thigh healed quickly, although it has left behind a rather colorful bruise. The rib, on the other hand, is really taking time to heal. The first five days after the accident were pretty agonizing. Every movement, breath, laugh, cough, and turn of the head was incredibly painful. On top of the pain, my body was exhausted from the trauma, and I slept much more than usual. I made it through work on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and then took Wednesday off after an evening event kept me at my school until almost 10 p.m. on Tuesday night. I ended up sleeping for most of the day on Wednesday, but I got myself out of bed when my wonderful mom came to visit me for lunch! By the end of the week, I was definitely feeling better.

Exercise–or the lack thereof–has been rather challenging for me. I knew I needed to rest after the accident, and I couldn’t even think of doing any physical activity because of the pain. I took six full days off of exercise, and then tried to get back into it gradually with a walking treadmill workout on Thursday. On Friday, I felt great and my rib didn’t hurt nearly as badly as it had all week, so I decided to try running. Six miles later, my rib was throbbing and I realized that running so far on my first day back probably wasn’t the brightest idea. Other than some light walking, I took yesterday off and rested up in bed for much of the afternoon and evening. This morning, I went for a beautiful 3.1-mile run along Crissy Field in The Presidio. Running felt fine, but my rib hurt a lot afterwards. I think I will play things by ear this week and see how I’m feeling. I don’t want to overdo it again like I did on Friday, so I may stick to light jogging and walking.

Other than some enduring rib pain, this weekend has been wonderful! J is out of town, so I had a little PJ party with my wonderful parents on Friday night. My dad made us all a delicious dinner, and then we watched Avatar. It’s such an amazing movie! Even though my parents use my old bedroom as their home office, it was really wonderful to spend time with them in my childhood home. Thanks for a lovely night, M + D, and thanks for taking such great care of me!

This morning started off like every other Sunday morning–with a green smoothie and a trip to the Farmers Market! I usually save my green smoothies for weekends, as I don’t have a blender at work and they’re hard to transport. In today’s mix: frozen banana + strawberries + spinach, topped with gluten-free cereal. Yummy! The Farmers Market wasn’t nearly as fun without J, but I still managed to stock up for the week. Now that we’ve been going to the Farmers Market for more than a year, I feel much more in-tune with what’s in season at which time of the year. Right now, the major fruits are apples and pears. In terms of vegetables, the market is full of squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, etc.) and greens (kale, chard, green leaf). Today, I purchased a bunch of apples (Pink Lady, Fuji, Hawaiian Gold varieties), three Bartlett pears and two asian pears, fresh carrots, green peppers, and an acorn squash. I roasted the acorn squash and had some for lunch today, and I really enjoyed it!

After the Farmers Market, I made a trip to Sports Basement to buy new running shoes. I just purchased a new pair about two months ago, but they’ve been giving me blisters and serious cuts on my toes, so I decided to get new ones. I tried on a number of different styes and brands before I settled on the Nike Zoom Structure 13s (thanks, Kelly!). They have a wider toe-box to accommodate my (apparently) wide feet, so hopefully no more cuts and blisters! I took them on a 5k spin to test them out as soon as I left the store. So far, so good! I really liked the roomier toes, and they were incredibly comfortable.


After my trip to Sports Basement, I came home, made a quick lunch, and then headed back out to Ocean Beach! It was too beautiful out to miss any sunshine, and I wanted to be near the water. I hung out at the beach for a little while and took in the beautiful views before heading back home for some rest and relaxation.

I’m enjoying some quiet time in my apartment before the week begins. I hope the beautiful weather continues–I know J would be thrilled to come home to this on Wednesday! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Some recipes/sites to check out –J made this delicious black bean chili with butternut squash and swiss chard with some of our Farmers Market purchases. I liked it so much that I requested it twice in the same week! It’s absolutely incredible.
Well’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving (from the NY Times). It features some recipes that look absolutely incredible (grapefruit and avocado salad, anyone?)!

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