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Sunday Snapshots & IVF Update

Posted Jun 03 2012 9:57pm
Not too much going on today. Ate some, cleaned some, studied some, laundered some, and hung with Maia... a lot.

I was in the mood for some home-cooked chicken piccata after eating a bunch of nonsense all weekend!

While waiting for this concoction to simmer, I headed to the living room to do work.

Dusted, vacuumed, lit some candles to oil, and I was on my way.

For a year and a half I've dealt with water spots (ugh kill me!), and this is with using those pods, and every dishwashing liquid out there. Nothing works for this old school bad-boy. So, I decided to try a different approach. Method Smarty Dish tablets. LOOOOOOVE these! First of all, pink grapefruit scent, and second... no water spots. Also, the dishwasher smells amazing when finished. We use the  for the bathroom, but I have to say... I'm pretty pleased with this stuff!

I finished cleaning and ate on on a small plate (in order to not over-indulge). It was the best I've made so far. Well, I used all of the lemon juice :-/ Lol.

The C's are playing right now... and things look to be going pretty well. I usually don't watch the full game because of the fact that these Playoff games start at 8:30pm EST. Yeah I'm all set with that. Time to catch up on 50 Shades of Grey :) #celtics

Oh and really quick.. I started the pill on Friday, will continue for about two weeks, hopefully start medication then, and I hope to only have one more cycle before we do egg retrieval, etc. Exciting huh?!! I am!!
This week will be gym everyday except Wednesday (in which I have acupuncture).
Tomorrow, I'll probably have a case of the "Mondays"... just a heads-up! ;)

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