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Sunday Funday: Weekend Recap, 10 Miles, & Pennies From Heaven)

Posted Jul 15 2012 3:36pm

Sunday Funday!  I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing, rejuvenating, or whatever it is you like to do on Sundays day!  I for one have had the most fabulous day! :)  I’ll start with a recap of yesterday and move on into today’s fabulousness!  You don’t want to miss it! Preview: I ran 10 miles this morning! Hold the applause… Okay, kidding.  Sarcasm is obviously setting in.  I blame caffeine! ;)

Throughout the day yesterday and specifically last night, I was in a funk.  You know the kind I am talking about.  ”I don’t want to talk to anybody.  I don’t want to see anybody.  I don’t want to do anything, but exactly what I am doing right here by my lonesome.  OK THANKS.”  <— Yes, THAT kind of funk.  Needless to say, I am out of out!  And what do I have to attribute the change in mood?  Runner’s High.

Having gone out on Friday night, I postponed my long run that I wanted to do yesterday morning (for obvious reasons).  Late nights + early runs = NOT a good situation.  I started my day relaxing and then I went to the first annual Lubbock Downtown Farmer’s Market .  Can I just say one word about it (yes I know it is my favorite word) but FABULOUS is the ONLY word I can use to effectively describe my thoughts on a good farmer’s market.  I know I am not the only one that gets a giddy feeling when I go grocery shopping right?  Yes, I love grocery shopping.  And that love?  Let’s times it by 10, and you know how I feel about trips to the farmer’s market.  Healthy food and local produce just excites me.  I’ll admit it.  It’s the little things in life anyways, right?! 

As I am currently living in a dorm (I move into my first apartment in 15 days), I did not buy produce.  I have two things accessible to me in my current living situation–a microwave and a fridge.  Therefore, I will wait until the next market (in two weeks) to stock up on veggies, fruit, anything and everything.  There goes my paycheck!  Oops! ;)

I digress (another thing I feel like I have to say a lot).  What I did get was from Apple Country Orchards .  I have lived here in Lubbock, TX (the heart of West Texas, if I do say so myself) for just about a year now, and I can admittedly say that I did not know we had a local Apple Orchard just 14 miles out of town.  And not just an Apple Orchard; but a farm with over 30 fresh-picked veggies, assorted fruit, a 7-day-a-week buffet, bakery, and store.  Can we say well kept secret?

At the Farmer’s Market, Apple Country Orchards  had various fruit spreads, fruit butters, salsas, raw honey, and so much more.  I bought a jar of Raw Honey and a jar of Double Berry Spread (fruit only).  I asked the guy for sugar-free because I just wanted fresh spread and he told me to pick any of the fruit only varieties and they were just that.  Can you picture my smile now?  It was ginormous.

I wanted to buy more bottles as gifts, but I plan to make a special trip out the orchards in the next few weeks so I will do so then.   I have already tested out the spread and honey–both are delicious.  And not only delicious, but nutritious.  My favorite combination!

I have mixed just a bit of the honey in my oatmeal the past few days to add just a kick of sweetness.  It is perfect; especially when I add protein powder because we all know that just isn’t sweet. :P  I also spread took rice cakes, whipped up a batch of PB2, and a dollop of the fruit spread on the top.  A yummy and healthy alternative to your average PB&J.

I look forward to future concoctions with both.  Do you have any wonderful fruit spread or honey concoctions or recipes?  Send them my way!

Okay, okay, okay… I also bought some fresh Caramel Kettle Corn.  I couldn’t resist, and oh my goodness it was so yummy.  Maybe I can attribute yesterday’s bad mood to a Kettle Corn-induced food coma… Yes, let’s go with that.

After a lazy day, I needed to get out and do something active so I went on a short run.  What made this a great run was the fact that I did it with no regards to training.  It was more of a “mental run” because I did it all for my sanity and didn’t pay attention to pace or distance.  I ended up doing 3 miles and it felt great.  I love being able to say that 3 miles is my “off day” distance. :)

I decided to go to bed early last night so I could wake up early for my LONG run.  I had protein and fiber packed oatmeal before bed (Oatmeal + Coconut Milk + Ground Flax/Chia Seeds/Blueberries & Blackberries).  YUM.  I also drank LOTS and LOTS of water so I would be hydrated this morning.

My Version: 10 Mile Run, Church, & Starbucks I set my alarm for 6:40 am so I could be out and hitting the pavement BY 7:00 am.  I woke up to my alarm, maybe cursed the fact that I had to actually get up, and then just got up anyways.  I drank about 24oz of water and a Cookie Dough Luna Protein bar , grabbed my fully charged Garmin watch + iPod, and headed outside.  How does one mentally prepare themselves to run 10 miles?  For me, I just do it.  I just GO.  I also tell myself at the start that I’ll stop sooner (today I said 8), but we all knew I wasn’t going to stop until I hit that double-digit mileage.

I started with my usual loop around campus and then proceeded to head off-campus.  I just ran and ran and RAN.  My knees were feeling it this morning, but I knew I wanted to accomplish the 10 miles.  I maintained a pace of 10:15-11:15 throughout the entire run.  This was very exciting for me, even though I want to at some point keep it under 10 and just steadily improve from there.  Once I hit the 7.5 mile marker, my legs were shot.  They were literally numb to the movement and my run became purely psychological.

I know what you’re thinking: “Okay, cool… a penny?  You’re rich…”  but yes, yes this did make me rich.  Not money-wise, but mentally rich.  Over a year ago, my grandfather passed away.  This was very unexpected and out of the blue.  Following his passing, my grandmother always told me that when she found pennies, they were pennies from heaven.  Pennies from Papa Joe.  I adopted this belief and to this day, whenever I am having a bad day, struggling, or in need of  motivation to go on, I seem to find a penny.  A penny from Heaven.  A penny of hope.  A penny from my dear Papa Joe.

So that last two miles?  That wasn’t me.  That was him.  That wasn’t for me.  That was for him.  That wasn’t of me.  That was of him.  I cannot even explain the feeling that I had for that 20 minutes of running.  My legs were moving underneath me, but I couldn’t feel a thing. I was numb to the run and just pushed through it.  It was a beautiful thing.  I hit 10.00 and I took a deep breath–I had done it.  I am TEN WEEKS out of my first half-marathon, and I can already do 10 miles.  I am loving being a runner.  And after 10 miles consecutively?  I feel as though I can really call myself just that. :)

Following my run, I made some protein oatmeal (which was really gross this morning but I ate it anyway), chugged a TON of water, and got ready for Mass.  I went to the 11:00 am service.  I came prepared with my laptop in the car so I could enjoy an afternoon of emails, work, and blogging in my local Starbucks.

Yes, I am “that girl” sitting in Starbucks and eating Chipotle.  

For the inquiring minds, I’ll divulge my usual order at both locations.

Starbucks: Venti Iced Coffee (with sugar-free Caramel syrup and soy milk); and a free refill thanks to my Starbucks Reward Card .  If you frequent Starbucks, GET ONE.  Pay with your phone and rack up rewards, like complimentary syrups, milk, and refills! ;)

Chipotle: Veggie Bowl (with brown rice, black beans, extra fajita veggies, extra tomato salsa, corn salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and just a bit of cheese).  Yummy, filling, and full of veggies.

What do you usually get at either location?  And how do you keep it clean?

Now, I am going to finish up this post, brainstorm and plan out my posts for the week, finalize my running schedule, and tonight?  Back to work.  Back to reality.  I have been on a two-week break and tonight, I begin again.  This means back to long hours, being very busy all day, and hopefully still making time to blog.

So that’s my weekend and I am READY for a new week.  And by ready, I mean I am not… but I will make the most of this new week because it is another week that God has blessed me with the chance to live my life, achieve my dreams, and strive to exceed all expectations.

xoxo Savvy Sassy Me

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