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Sunday Dinners

Posted Nov 19 2012 12:15am

Hello Friends!

The Mondays after a Steelers loss are always the toughest.  Oh well.  Life must go on, right?

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the day with my grandparents as we got together for dinner to celebrate my grandma’s birthday, which was this past Wednesday.  One thing that I particularly love about my family is that we always make time to get together for every holiday, every birthday, and random Sundays here and there for dinners.  It’s a time that I cherish and am thankful for every Sunday we get to spend together.

While we always try to be there, sometimes, it’s not possible.  Usually, dinner consists of my mom and dad, me and Lee, and my two aunts and two uncles.  However, yesterday, it was just me and my mom.  My dad had come down with some type of stomach bug, Lee had to work, my uncle had plans with his wife’s family, and my aunt had to work.  We were bummed but enjoyed ourselves, nonetheless.  My grandma made spaghetti which was covered in her homemade sauce with homemade meatballs on the side.  Can’t.Get.Enough.


Dinner was followed up by our usual…conversation over coffee and dessert.

(how cute is this little mug that says ‘coffee’?)

The dessert of choice for last night was ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.


Ice cream cake that had pink glitter candles on the top for my 81-year old grandma.  Hey…you’re never too old for pink glitter anything!



Happy Birthday, Gram!

My mom and I left my grandparent’s house around 7 o’clock and we headed back to my parent’s.  Lee was still at work so I decided to hang with them for at least the first half of the Steeler game.  Ohhhh boy…those Steeler games.  They are heart stoppers!  At the very least, I had a very cozy experience with some hot chocolate in a snowman mug while I was covered up with a blanket on their couch.


Well, here we are at another Monday morning and I hope you all make the best of it!  I only have three days of work and then it’s Thanksgiving and a long weekend!  Let’s start the week off right with a smile!  Have a great day, everyone!

Do you get together for family dinners?
Do you watch football?
(my entire family, even the women, are obsessed with it!)

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