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Sunday Confessions #6

Posted Mar 31 2013 6:00am
To those of you who celebrate Easter – Happy Easter!

To those of you who don’t – Happy Spring!


I’m loving the warmer weather that’s been coming through our area this week – slowly but surely, but I’ll take it!  Besides for yesterday’s run, we had the windows and doors open yesterday bringing some fresh air into the house and it was glorious!  (Chilly at times, but glorious!)


Anyway, it’s Sunday and since I’ve been loving writing these posts, here’s a few of my confessions from the week:


-My Google Reader is out of control! The good news is that it’s not stressing me out…that’s a good sign of where I am in terms of my blogging and social media.  I really want to mark all as read but I also want to catch up on my friends lives…it leaves a girl a bit torn, especially with Blend 2013 coming up!


-With that said, please don’t feel bad if I start commenting on posts from a month ago…it might happen if I have something to say! ha!


-Sometimes I want the effects of Instagram on a picture without actually have to post to Instagram so I take a photo, do all the work, take a screenshot, cancel out of it and then crop the screenshot.  If that makes me a cheater, then I should also confess that I don’t care. ;)


-Speaking of…I may have been in a really goofy mood that led to a mini selfie photo shoot (I was not driving, just in my car!)…I used the above technique on each of these photos. ;)




-How many people decide they’re getting too much sleep at night?! Oh y’know, only ME! Seriously though, I’m trying to pay attention, keep track, and be careful to not get more than I should…



What do you confess today?

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