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Sunday Chat – A pregnant newbie’s thoughts on feeding a child

Posted Nov 03 2012 8:11pm

Ah pregnancy, it’s a time fraught with conflicting opinions, masses of advice, fatigue and excitement. In amongst all that a first time mother must consider is the often contentious question… what will I feed my child?

I’m 28 weeks pregnant at the moment so the time when I actually have to think about preparing meals other than milk is a little way away. Never the less, good nutrition is incredibly important and underestimating the ill effects of a bad diet can be devastating (Honey Boo Boo anyone?).

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Here are a few of my initial thoughts
I hear time is an issue

I’m told that when you have a baby you’re likely to be tired, cranky, emotional, hormonal and also quite besotted with the little tike, so much so that you can lose hours just watching her sleep. Between nappies, sleeps, crying, bathing, walks and so on there isn’t a lot of time (or inclination I would imagine) for creating gourmet cuisine. Simplicity is key, but this doesn’t mean that everything must come pre-packaged. Apply the same principles as you would to your pre-baby or grown up life. Plan ahead, shop online if necessary, think about your baby’s health and remember that baby’s palette isn’t nearly as sophisticated as yours, you don’t need to create anything complicated or full of sugar and salt. Mashed veggies work wonders.

Extremist behaviour is madness

Like all things in life, moderation is key. Your kids will be invited to birthday parties where sugar and salt are the main ingredients in the fare on offer. That’s cool, it’s not like they go to these things every day. If the at home staple meals are nutritious, the occasional blow out won’t hurt them one bit. Allergies aside, highly strung parents equal highly strung kids. This one is also key in creating children who don’t feel like they grew up in a compound and therefore hopefully will never feel the need to rebel by OD-ing on Red Bull and Twisties.

Family Meals

This is a biggie for me. Kids learn so much from their experiences with you in the kitchen and from meal times at home. Sitting down as a family and enjoying a meal together is infinitely valuable to development of good eating habits and social etiquette (key if you ever plan on entering a cafe again).

Hiding Veggies

This is something I hear regularly and it always makes me cringe a bit. How are kids ever going to learn to enjoy vegetables if they never know they’re having them? I get the premise, kid hates broccoli, so mum blends it up and sticks it in a brownie, mum’s happy, kid’s happy. Problem is kid never knows that’s what they’re getting so they’re never going to open up to the idea that veggies are good. Kids need to be encouraged to think of veggies as a normal part of every day – the 5 serves a day guideline doesn’t just apply to adults.

If anyone has any tips or ideas, please leave them in the comments section below. Advice is always welcome.


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