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Summer women how to choose healthy drink

Posted Jun 10 2013 7:24am
  Consumers who pay attention to the words of beverage ingredients recipe, often find the following additives are common. For their application, national standards are clearly defined. Nonetheless, we do not recommend the drinks for water, because some of the excess food additives if there may be adverse effects.
  Sodium bicarbonate
  Sodium bicarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) commonly known as "baking soda" is an application of the food industry's most extensive leavening agent for the production of biscuits, cakes, bread, bread, etc., is the occurrence of carbon dioxide in soft drinks agent; hermes bags outlet  its body no harm, is the use of the food additive. But if it is excessive consumption, people will have heart palpitations, tingling lips, transient loss of taste and other symptoms.
  D-sodium erythorbate
  It is also known as erythritol sodium, belonging to biotype food antioxidant, preservative aid toner is said to be salted to prevent carcinogenic substances  birkin handbags for sale   and the formation of nitrosamines. It is mainly rice as the main raw material, obtained by microbial fermentation.
  Potassium sorbate
  It is preservative widely used in food, and its preservative effect is a similar product of sodium benzoate 5-10 times.  Cheap hermes belt   Higher security. It can be absorbed by the body's metabolic system rapidly decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the body no residue. General food additive amount does not exceed the limit as long as the requirements are very safe, if exceeded serious,  cheap hermes shoes   and long-term use, to a certain extent, inhibit bone growth, kidney damage, liver health.
  Sodium citrate
  Sodium citrate basic raw material comes from food, are safe and nontoxic properties of a class. United Nations Food and Agriculture and the World Health Organization for its daily intake without any restrictions, can be considered as the product is a drug. Sodium citrate is a weak alkali salt, a better stability of retarding properties and is widely used in food, beverage as sour agents, flavoring agents, preservatives, preservative.
  See: energy index
  Would have to see the energy drink health indicators, that is, the energy value, they are generally from food proteins, kelly bags on sale    fats and carbohydrates (sugars). But in the beverage inside, basically do not contain protein and fat, so mainly to see their sugar, the higher the energy value, the higher the sugar content. Whether carbonated drinks, tea drinks or fruit juice beverages, look at this basic indicators of a look at a prospective. For example, a bottle of tea if the energy value reached 184 kcal, in accordance with the caloric value conversion, the equivalent of eating twelve drinking a bottle of rice has almost reached the daily intake of energy in the body of the tenth.  cheap hermes jewelry   Adequate daily dietary intake in the case, the higher the energy drink beverage, sugar intake is also more and more likely to gain weight.
  Tea beverage: see really low sugar
  Many sports-loving people in a strenuous exercise, often choose to drink sports drinks. Cheap hermes wallets    Advertising slogan has said: sugar and micronutrient supplementation. You know, after strenuous exercise, the loss is not only water, even some minerals will be excreted with the sweat together, people feel tired. Appropriate use of sugar-containing sports drinks and trace elements, is indeed able to add water and some electrolytes, make up the body consumes. But in the choice of the time, to understand that it is best to have the following sports drink four characteristics, namely, add water; second is to contain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals; Third, with functional ingredients; four too is non-carbonated, caffeine, no alcohol. And for those of acid reflux hyperacidity easy for people who, in the choice of sports drinks,  cheap louboutin shoes   it is best to drink as little as possible of these contain citric acid, because they are less apt to cause symptoms of acid reflux
  Juice drinks: sugar content to watch
  Nutritionists believe that with fruit juice instead of fruit might as well eat the fruit directly. Because fruit juices made in the process, will inevitably lose a lot of minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, to make it better to drink fruit juice taste, add sugar in which to reconcile. Like a certain brand of grape juice per one hundred milliliters of 200 kJ of energy,  red bottom shoes on sale   and in accordance with the 184 kJ of heat equivalent to twelve rice conversion to count, estimate, after we finished, had come a long distance to put Jizou It is consumed.
  Sports drinks: To Decaf
  As for the tea drink this one, it is usually known as low-sugar or sugar-free. Accordance with internationally accepted concepts, sugar-free foods can not contain sucrose and starch hydrolyzate from sugar,  cheap christian louboutin pumps   including glucose, maltose, fructose, etc.. However, it must contain the equivalent sugar substitutes, generally oligosaccharides, sugar alcohols or sugar sweetener species is not elevated. So everyone in the buy tea drinks, the best look at what it is used for sugar. If sugar-substitutes for deployment, the majority not running three samples: Sugar alcohols, and synthetic sweetener aspartame. Sugar alcohols do not raise blood sugar has the advantages of low calorie, but it should be controlled at 20 grams per day or less,  discount louboutins shoes   children under 10 grams or less. Aspartame is also called proteoglycans, compounds belonging to the product, the sweetness of sucrose 50 to 200 times, so the usage is very small. As it includes a synthetic sweetener cyclamate, acesulfame, saccharin, etc., they add in food quantity and range have national standards checks will not be exceeded without causing appreciable harm to the human body.
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