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Summer Summer Summer Time

Posted Jul 11 2012 3:56pm

Summer has FINALLY come to visit Washington. Starting this past week temperatures reached high 70′s and low 80′s. These temps are heat waves for us rainy state natives.

Someone needs a lion cut

Anyone that lives in Washington knows that weather like this is hard to come by, so we take advantage of nice days when we get them. Last Friday Manfriend and I spent the day at Wild Waves! Half water park, half theme park! Spending the day in the sun causes fatigue fast! To prevent slowing down (I must stay as LONG AS POSSIBLE at theme parks) we had a great breakfast.

Those waffles were so good. They didn’t last very long though. Fortunately I packed a grocery store to take with us. Theme park food is: A) not vegan friendly and B) the cost of one paycheck. Wayyy too expensive.

Bread, two tubs of PB, eight pieces of fruit, 2 bags of nuts, granola, cookies, and jelly! Oh and some sunscreen. When I was a hoodlum child I refused to wear anything higher than SPF 4. I liked to pretend I belonged on the Jersey Shore and tanned like crazy. I’ve grown up a bit and moved onto the SPF 45 and higher. Anything to save my skin from looking like this.  

Ninja shot while backing into a parking spot

After 7 hours, two trips to the car for food and sunscreen reapplication, lots of rides and lots of slides, we left with sun kissed skin and empty bellies. A trip to the Spaghetti Factory was next on the agenda. I didn’t take any pictures of my dinner, I was too busy shoving food into my mouth as quickly as I could. I had a lot of bread, a lot of pasta, and a salad fit for a rabbit. It was a perfect summer day!

In completely random news, Thursday night after spin-class I had my first bowl of froyo in over 5 months. It was amazing, and well worth the “benefits” day. I justified the vegan vacation by having the plain tart yogurt with berries.

This hot weather is kicking my backside during my runs. I’m a big wimp when it comes to running in anything over 72 degrees. My mileage has been increasing on the training schedule for my half marathon. This past week I had three 4milers, a 5miler, and a 6miler this Sunday. Running in the heat confirms the suspicion that I was born in the ocean. I dump buckets like I am preparing for a drought. Hopefully these hot runs prepare me to run in L.A. That is all for now.

Q: Do you like theme/water parks? 

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a free BondiBand headband!  

P.P.S. I wasn’t really born in the ocean, I was born in a hospital just like all the other boring births. 

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