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Summer, Summer, Summer, Summertime..Summertime.

Posted Aug 06 2012 4:46pm

This Summer has been flying by. There is a hell of a lot to look forward to in the Fall though.


- I officially registered for Warrior Dash, which is taking place September 15th in NH.

- First day of Grad school classes Sept 5th.

- Going to New Orleans September 21st.

- My best friends wedding October 7th, of which I am the Maid of Honor


There are so many things I haven’t had time to blog about. I went camping up in Saco with friends two weekends ago. It was chill and relaxing….and an animal ate our food (not all of it) the first night. Needless to say, we were bummed….and hungry. But we survived all three days. A lot of clarity comes from outside the city. I had a very difficult week prior…actually, a very difficult week before I left, but three days of doing nothing is pure bliss. My favorite part of camping, is late at night watching the fire (then taking my blanket home & having it smell like campfire). And then getting up really early in the morning and just watch the water and listen to the birds. Nothing like it.


The weekend before that I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. It was such a great time.


I also got the chance to visit with my very good friend Flo! She is from Switzerland so I only get to see her once every few years. She is truly an inspiration in my life. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met and I love Facebook stalking her over the years. She’s in bands, she travels the world, she meets so many amazing people. I am honored to have her in my life and I hope to live like Flo a little bit in my life every day. :)

Then I made it to my first Sox game of the season with some good friends. And next week I’m going to my first pre-season Patriots game!


I’ve got the chance to try new restaurants and bars, I’ve made it to the beach a few times, I’ve learned new cooking techniques. I was finally able to host parties at my house. Found time to paint. Connecting with old friends.  Just trying to ignite the light that I was positive, I had burned out. But it’s still there.  I’m here. I’m still here!

This new neighborhood is doing wonders for my mood. Just the other day I was able to walk over to my bank and talk to sweet ladies waiting in line with me. Then I went to get a cup of coffee at my favorite local coffee shop, then I walked through the farmers market and got some fruit for breakfast. Then I walked into my house to hear my roommate play violin.


There’s not real point to this post. Except possibly appreciating what I have now. Current time. Trying not to dwell on the shitty stuff in the past and the shitty stuff I have to go through and remembering that I have a lot to look forward to and keeping in mind I may not have control over the situations I am, I certainly have control over the way I handle them.

I really am a lucky girl.

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