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Summer Recipes: Take Advantage of Seasonal Fruits

Posted Aug 30 2010 8:35am
A glass of passion fruit juice

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We continue to have high temperatures although we are one day away from September. Usually people complain that Summer has lousy weather days but this year, there are no complains. The weather has been excellent the whole Summer. High temperatures and good weather to go to the beach have been a constant.

Usually I take advantage of the hot days to eat a lot of fruit, especially those containing a lot of water, like the watermelon and melon. Grapes are also very tasty and if we keep them inside the fridge they turn into a refreshing dessert. I also like peaches but I can’t eat them fresh because my digestion just stops. Yes, I know. It’s quite annoying but they have caused me problems in the past so, I prefer fruits I can eat right from the fridge.

It’s also excellent to take advantage of summer fruits to make tasty cocktails and fancy drinks. If you have a Soda siphon it’s really easy to make and keep the refreshments.

Here is an easy cocktail recipe:


  • 8 fluid ounces carbonated water
  • 3/4 fluid watermelon juice
  • 1 fluid ounce half-and-half cream


Mix the carbonated water with the juice and on top put the half-and-half cream. In case you have a Cream dispenser you can use it to put the cream and decorate with a leaf of spearmint as a final touch.

You can make multiple varieties of this recipe by changing the fruit juice or even mixing flavored syrup with the carbonated water. Always prefer natural fruit juice, it’s healthier and your body will thank you for the extra vitamins.

Take always advantage of the seasonal fruit and vegetables. They are easy to find, they are cheaper and fresher.

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