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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 8 – Get your money right

Posted Sep 27 2013 8:44pm

There are a lot of things we buy every day that we could live without. But we don’t want to feel deprived right? Normally I think things like my daily latte make life worth living. But in the lead up to a holiday giving up a few small things and putting that money aside will make your holiday even better. Plus you’ll feel super virtuous.

Beach Boys

With 14 days to go here are a few small changes you can make:

  • Giving up your daily latte (mine are $5) will save you $70.
  • Make your lunch at home and you can save around $60 over 2 weeks.
  • Give up 2 weeks worth of Friday night drinks and depending on how much you love your booze you could save yourself hundreds.
  • Make a few more economical dinner options. Need inspiration? Check out the 400+ highlighted by
  • Don’t eat out for 2 weeks, you’ll be doing enough of that on your holiday anyway.

So take what you would have spent, put it in a jar and by the time you’re leaving to get your flight you’ll have a nice little stash for splurging on a few holiday treats. Massage anyone?


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