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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 4 – Avoid another crash diet

Posted Sep 24 2013 5:46am

I know they’re tempting, they promise the world and it’s getting closer to the holiday so you’re starting to freak a little bit about getting in your bathers. I get it. I’ve bought skinny supplements from South America that were intercepted by customs. Taken diet pills that left me shaking so badly I was unable to sleep for days on end. Lived on powdered shakes and microwaved slop for weeks on end. I’ve cut carbs, fat, sugar, and binged on carbs, fat and sugar following one regime or another.


To be clear, when saying crash diets I mean anything extreme, that cuts out major food groups or meals, that involves signing up to brutal exercise programs or costly meal-replacement systems. I’ve done pretty much all of them, but there are a couple of sure-fire steps that will stop you in your tracks every time.

  1. Remind yourself of how you’ve fared in the past. Any of these things ever really worked for you?
  2. Jot down three previous quick-result-big-promise diet experiences, how much they cost you and how long you lasted.
  3. How do you feel now about each of those attempts now?
  4. Know that it’s their fault, not yours. The companies peddling these things spend millions on marketing to target your weaknesses and make you think they have the answer to all your problems. They don’t.
  5. Take heart in the fact that we’re always evolving and moving in the right direction. It’ll take time but as you move along educating yourself and practice making better decisions you’ll find yourself naturally inclined towards the best options.


Image via Adventures in Cooking

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