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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 3 – Drink more water

Posted Sep 23 2013 1:52am

I’m terrible at drinking water. I’ve developed some pretty bad habits over the years that I’m trying to undo and not getting enough water in my day is absolutely one of them. Our bodies need more water each day than any other nutrient but I find I am much more readily obsessing over whether I’ve eaten enough greens than how few (if any!) glasses of water I’ve downed.

In the lead up to a holiday it’s especially important to ensure you are in good water drinking form. Getting plenty of water flushes out the waste products and transports all important nutrients around the body leaving you feeling great and way less puffy. It fills you up between meals reducing the urge to snack. It’s free when you get it from the tap allowing you to save cash for your break. Basically it’ll make you skinny and rich.

Tap water

Easy ways to get more water in your day

I’m a stay at home mum right now so while it used to be a large bottle on my desk at work, now it’s a small glass on the ledge behind the kitchen sink. While I’m there (more times in a day than I care to think about frankly) I grab the glass, fill it under the tap and skull.

Buy a decent drink bottle and make it your new best friend. I don’t want to be weighed down by carrying litres of water with me everywhere I go and I wouldn’t drink it all even if I did. I have a simple 600ml Sigg aluminium bottle that I chuck in my bag, have in the car or carry on a walk and it does the job nicely.

Make that plain old glass of water a little fun with some fresh mint, lemon, lime, orange, ice, rose petals… whatever floats your boat really. Nothing artificial allowed here but if it’s fresh and natural bung it in.


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