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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 2 – Set a goal for the trip

Posted Sep 22 2013 6:30am

To set a goal for a beach holiday seems a little counter intuitive doesn’t it? We generally think of goal setting as something that’s done for career, finances, getting rid of bad habits and maybe planning to travel, not for a holiday. But setting a goal for your holiday forces you to give some thought to what you want to get out of your trip before you go.

lets not try Maybe you’re after indulgence, new experiences, want to learn a new skill, time to think through a problem or situation you’re facing or to spend with family or friends, space to focus on yourself. Thinking through what you want in advance sets you up to make choices that will better serve you and give your break a little focus.

The point of the exercise is to help us to make the most of the down time a holiday affords and prevent us from coming back to reality afterwards feeling like we wasted it. I don’t think its helpful to put a whole lot of pressure on yourself here but it can be a really great way to use the freedom you have on a holiday to think, grow and focus on something you care about.

The goal I have set for my own upcoming trip is to take a bunch of photos and write plenty to document my trip. It’s my first holiday with my son and while I’m great at being in the moment I’m crap at remembering to take photos and making note of the stories that unfold around me. I want to create something to share with my family and that Eddie can enjoy when he’s a bit bigger too.

How about you?


Image via The Lone Rangers

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