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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 13 – Avoid bloaty foods

Posted Oct 04 2013 1:07am

I have a love-hate relationship with bloating. I intensely dislike they way it makes my tummy swell and my jeans dig in but I also love the way it’s pretty easily fixed and doing so can make you feel slimmer quite quickly. Given we’re on a tight time frame getting ready for the beach avoiding bloaty foods is a great, quick fix that will have you ‘kini ready super-fly fast.

Float your boat

Bloaty foods to avoid:

  • Soft drinks – the bubbles found in soft drinks and beer are generated by carbon dioxide. When we drink something fizzy, we also ingest those gases, which cause bloating and expansion around our bellies.
  • Beans – The magical fruit that makes you toot is packed with a sugar that is not digestible. After you eat beans the good bacteria in your intestines go to work breaking down those little devils causing serious amounts of gas and bloating.
  • Refined carbs – going gluten-free for a period can help de-bloat.
  • Chewy – I know, right! The humble stick of chewy usually contains sugar alcohols which can be a major cause of bloating.


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