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Summer Holiday Primer – Day 1 – Add a green juice to your breakfast

Posted Sep 20 2013 11:33pm

Want to feel lighter, brighter, less bloated and thinner by the time you hit the beach?


a leap of faith

Then green juice is the perfect pre-holiday addition to your diet. Drinking one glass a day allows you to mainline fruit and veg, crowd out unhealthy options and start your day with a boost of green goodness.

But how does making such a small change make a difference?

  • Chlorophyll is what makes a plant green. It’s the stuff responsible for allowing plants to absorb light from the sun and convert it into energy. When we consume that wonderful energy it acts as a powerful blood builder and enhances your cell’s ability to carry oxygen. This, in turn, improves circulation, builds a healthy and strong immune system and counteracts nasty free-radicals.
  • You get great skin and hair because of the increase in oxygen and better circulation, the body is much more able to cleanse itself. The increased oxygen levels help us to release the stored toxins in the body. So our liver and kidneys are much happier and cleaner and can do a much better job themselves – hence the better skin and nicer hair.
  • It fights acidity and promotes alkalinity. Acidity = feeling sluggish or irritable, dry, brittle hair or nails and feeling cold all the time the opposite of what we’re after on our beach holiday right? With so many sugars, processed ingredients and other unwanted substances going into our food these days, our bodies live in a permanent state of acidity. Not cool. By adding a green juice into your daily regime you’ll be making some giant leaps towards bringing the pH balance back.
  • Smashing influx of Vitamins and Minerals if you stick to my recipe (below) your juice will be packed full of fabulous vitamins and minerals. Take Kale for example. It’s packed full of vitamins B2,3,6 and 12 plus it offers a wonderful dose of vitamin C, E and K and is full of folic acid. The lemon has lots of vitamin C and is a great source of flavonoids, which help you absorb all that lovely vitamin C. Cucumber is known for its skin healing properties due to its ability to help the body cleanse itself. And that is just four of the nine wonderful ingredients!

Simple Green Juice Recipe

2 x celery stalks
4 x kale leaves
1/2 x continental cucumber
1 x small apple
1/2 x lemon
1 x piece of ginger

  • Juice it all up and serve over a bunch of ice.

So get juicing, smash one down with your breakfast over the next 21 days and reap the beach-tastic benefits.


Image via Pinterest

Intro to the series: 22 Day Summer Holiday Primer – Your guide to getting beach ready

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