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Summer Exercise

Posted May 24 2011 3:19pm

Wow, this is the first time I’ve really had free time since last Friday! I was busy this weekend with graduation festivities for my smarty pants boyfriend (electrical engineering).

In his nerdy lab…

I loved the break away from the computer, and we celebrated at his aunt & uncle’s house with lots of food, a campfire with s’mores (duh), and hearing hilarious stories from his family.

Then last night, after a 5 mile run, I was just about to sit down for a break when we decided to go see the new Pirates movie with some friends.

We had to pack up his apartment this morning, and I’m staying with my cousin, his wife, and their 2 year old for the rest of this week. Little Maddie just went down for her nap, although, I hear little pounding noises from her room, so I’m not sure she’s sleeping. I may have to go in and read “Barnyard Dance” for the 7th time today.

On my run yesterday, I was thinking about what my exercise plan for the summer was going to be now that my half marathon training & race is done.

There’s a few races I have my eye on in July – another half marathon and an 8 mile race (with free beer & ice cream at the finish line!). Since I’m obviously obsessed with running, I’m going to plan on running maybe 3-4 days a week, just without a set schedule.

I wanna do:

- 1 long run (7-10 miles) to keep up half marathon fitness

- 1-2 easy runs, probably 3-6 miles

- 1 speed run – I really wanna get better with speedwork. I used to be really good at getting it in once a week, but I’ve kinda slacked off with it. I’ll probably do intervals or a tempo run once a week.

I haven’t gone to any group classes in the last 2 weeks because I went to my college’s gym for them, and there’s only a few classes over the summer.

Instead, I’m planning on doing more strength training in the gym or dumbbells at home. I’ll probably do yoga classes online or podcasts at home too with the occasional yoga class in a studio because classes are expensive!

There’s free Saturday morning classes at the local lululemon that I wanna check out too! They may not end up free once I see and fall in love with the clothes…

Instead of classes, I wanna do more activity outside because it’s summer! There’s so many great mountains around me, and I love hiking. My family also has a cabin on a lake, so hopefully, I’ll be able to go there a few weekends to waterski, tube, hike, swim, and more.

There’s also a gorgeous bikepath along the waterfront, which is probably 1/2 mile from my new apartment (in July) that I love to run on, and I’ll probably take my bike on too this summer.

I just wanna take in the beautiful weather as much as possible and not be stuck inside a gym looking outside windows. The gym is great for the cold winter times, but if I can be active outside, I’ll be much happier.

Do you switch up your exercise with the season? I definitely do! I run way less in the winter and do more gym time or exercise classes. In the summer, I spend a lot more time hiking, swimming, and biking.

Do you use the gym more or less in the summer? 

Do you enjoy “breaks” from the computer? As much as I missed my blog reading, I LOVED the break to spend time with friends and his family.

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